The market for streaming music services has become a wild jungle where everyone wants their piece of cake. Until now we had options like Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Play. But to finish bursting everything, comes Amazon Music Unlimited, the bet of the e-commerce giant that has launched its streaming music service with several subscription options and an extensive catalog of songs.

Just like Kindle Unlimited did with books, Amazon Music Unlimited offers us a great catalog of songs and stations, for a subscription that can be made monthly or annually, as well as in special plans. In this way, Amazon enters fully into the streaming music market by offering a similar service at a similar price. Is it worth it?


Amazon Music Unlimited, similar but with its differences

Amazon Music Unlimited is a digital service for streaming and downloading music without ads, with more than 50 million songs to be listened to anywhere. Its immense catalog (superior to Apple’s 40 million and far more than 30 million Spotify) with a great usability, includes playlists, stations, albums, new releases and the usual classics. And the user can choose between using the Amazon Music app to listen to streaming music or download it to listen to it offline.

It has several price offers, adapted to the needs of each user. There is an Individual Rate of € 9.99 per month or a Family Fee of € 14.99 per month. The Family Rate offers all the advantages of the Individual Rate for six members of the family. In addition, Amazon Music Unlimited offers the possibility, to Amazon Premium customers of an annual subscription that allows savings of two months. In this way, they can subscribe the service with an Individual Rate for € 99 per year and the Family Fee for € 149 per year.

In any case, choose the option you choose, you always have the option of a 30-day free trial.


Maximum connectivity

Of course, Amazon Music Unlimited is compatible with the most common devices. We can enjoy the Amazon service on our smartphones and tablets through the downloadable application on Google Play, on iPhone and iPad through the downloadable app on iTunes, and on Mac and PC through an application or through the browser.

But in addition, the service extends to other exclusive devices, such as the Tablet Fire with an exclusive app, the Sonos speakers, the HEOS multi-room audio system, or in your BMW or MINI car with Amazon Music para Automóviles Asociados.


If you find it interesting and want to start your test month, do not hesitate. Enter Amazon Music Unlimited and start enjoying all your music!

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