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A little over a year ago the Matiz Malaga restaurant opened its doors and, in this short time, we can already affirm that, for us, it is the best restaurant in Malaga. We have many reasons for such an affirmation: the fantastic atmosphere of the place, its exquisite decoration, its ideal location, the fabulous treatment of all the staff … But if there is something that definitely makes us fall in love, it is the chef Marcos Granados’ kitchen. It is his art that defines Matiz as the best restaurant in Malaga.

And we are so fascinated by the gastronomic project of Chef Granados that today’s article is going to be dedicated precisely to talk about some of his dishes. It is impossible to talk about all of them, so we will only comment on the ones that have impressed us the most in our visits to this fabulous restaurant in Malaga Centro.

mejor restaurante malaga

Beef tenderloin carpaccio

One of the characteristics that make Matiz the best restaurant in Malaga is its traditional recipes loaded with those special nuances that make them unique. This beef tenderloin carpaccio, ideal for summer, is a clear example. Seasoned with Dijon mustard, green pepper, truffle, cured cheese and arugula, it becomes an effusion of flavors that will surprise any palate.

matiz restaurant

Iberian pork dam tataki in marinade

With this dish, we go from the most traditional cuisine to the most modern and exotic with an exquisite Iberian pork dam tataki in adobo that, as usual, acquires new nuances. On this occasion with cured cheese flakes, an emulsion of cherry mustard, chantarela and some garlic fried potatoes and rosemary flower. An exquisite Matiz Restaurant.

matiz malaga

Cod confit

We move on to a new reinvention of a traditional recipe with fresh and proximity products. It is a cod confit with reduced juice of corns with chickpeas infused with peppermint, spinach stewed with mojo and aerial tuber puree with paprika from La Vera. A unique delight of the best restaurant in Malaga.

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An exceptional gazpacho

A great chef like Marcos Granados knows that there are recipes, those of a lifetime, that should not be changed. The gazpacho is untouchable and in Matiz Restaurant it is made in the traditional way. Of course, after that special touch is added: the crunchy and special touch of crystal prawns.

restaurante málaga

Bluefin Tuna Tartare

To prepare this tartare, bluefin tuna arrives directly from the Almadraba, fresh and incarnate. With these unique pieces, Granados prepares a very special tartare, with kaffir lime, teriyaki and, of course, its traditional dressings.

mejor restaurante malaga


And something that deserves a whole article are the excellent desserts of this restaurant in Malaga. Only for them Matiz is proclaimed the best restaurant in Malaga. A great example of this is its pavlova. A sweet dessert of German origin made with meringue in honor of Ana Pavlova. In Matiz Malaga acquires a whole new dimension.

This is just a small sample of the wonders that you can find in Matiz Restaurant. Surely you have made your mouth water. Although, anyway, if you want to convince yourself that it is the best restaurant in Malaga, it is best that you go to visit it.

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