The most important moment of the day is, without doubt, breakfast. And if you bring it home, at breakfast delivery service plan, it is even better. You do not know what this is breakfast at home? You do not know where to get it? Well it’s simple, you just have to take a look at the website of Original Taste.

Original Taste offers you delicious breakfast delivery service packs with artisan sausages that are a delight. Also, you can send breakfast to anyone. Yourself, of course, but you can also give a breakfast. Send a breakfast is a new and original idea, a really gourmet gift.




There are plenty of special occasions where a breakfast at home can be a gourmet gift ideal. Imagine: the birthday of a friend, the wedding anniversary of your parents, congratulating a promotion, to acknowledge the help of a move, as a farewell before a long journey … you can always a good reason to justify sending a breakfast at a or a relative or friend, why not ask it for yourself.

You can also order a breakfast at home to surprise your partner or to surprise your kids a weekend. Imagine the scene. You are you and your partner skulking in bed on Sunday morning and called the bell. It’s your breakfast! And you’re all set! Even you can leisurely breakfast in bed.

In fact, you do not need the excuse of having a special occasion to order breakfast at home, or to give a breakfast. Simply for convenience or treat yourself. You are midweek and still lacking for the long-awaited weekend. Well, give yourself a whim! Order a breakfast at home tomorrow. And you’ll see how to begin the day with much more energy.




In Original Taste you have the choice between three packs of breakfast at home. You need to choose from!

Desayunando Dos: This breakfast pack consists of a delicious chorizo ​​horseshoe Leon, a sausage Horseshoe Leon and fuet. All handmade sausages and a unique flavor. As its name suggests, it is a breakfast designed for two people, but it is really generous pieces that do not end up in one sitting. But do not worry, they are vacuumed and once opened keep well for a long time.

Desayunos en Compañía: This pack is designed for most people and is composed of a mixture cheese from goat and sheep, a sausage cellar, a Catalan fuet and chorizo ​​de León. Delicious!

Desayunos a Medida: And finally you have the option to create your own home pack breakfast choosing between different sausages and artisan cheeses catalog Original Taste. The truth is there to choose from. Besides the above, you can also try the fine secallona, ​​the sweet sausage fuet type, Sliced ​​corned beef, Iberian ham, Iberian ham bait Iberian loin of acorn, the semi-cured goat cheese, cheese curing sheep


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