If you have to make a Christmas gift to a true lover of comics, today we make an unbeatable proposal. We do not bring you any comic book. This is not a comic strip of superheroes, not a manga to hang out. No, Jamás tendré 20 años of Jaime Martin is a real delicatessen.

Precisely, we talk about comics for gourmets, a great work. Jamás tendré 20 años is not a comic to hang out and then forget about it. It is a work of art to taste each of its pages. And to make us think. Above all to make us think.




Jaime Martín is a scriptwriter and draftsman of L’Hospitalet who began his professional career in the field of comics in 1985, publishing in magazines like Caníbal and Bichos, and later in Humor a Tope and Pulgarcito. In 1987 he began to collaborate regularly in the mythical magazine El Vibora, where he tackles his own series with content of social criticism, such as Sangre de barrio, whose first release is awarded the Author Revelation Prize of the 8th Barcelona International Comic Show.

After publishing Invisible en España, the French publisher Dupuis, where he publishes publica Lo que el viento trae (2007), with a script by Wander Antunes, and Todo el polvo del camino (2010). He combines the comic with the direction of projects in the field of design (graphic, editorial and corporate), story-boards, writing scripts, character design and artistic direction of video games.

His work has spread unstoppably internationally, in key stages such as France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Brazil, Canada and the United States. With Las guerras silenciosas and Jamás tendré 20 años, Jaime has been consecrated as one of the most interesting authors of the moment.




After investigating the memories of his parents and the war of Ifni to create that great comic that is Las guerras silenciosas, Jaime Martin was aware that the history of his maternal grandparents was also worthy of being drawn. With Jamás tendré 20 años the familiar memory of the cartoonist returns to star in a comic and again that story so personal is a true reflection of a whole time and a generation: those who suffered and lost the war and then had to cope to survive Reprisals and post-war hunger.

regalo-de-navidad-para-amantes-del-comic-jamas-tendre-20-anos-118 of July of 1936: the young republican government Spanish, result of the alliance of parties of left, was overthrown by the troops of general Franco, plunging the country in three years of civil war and almost forty of repressive dictatorship. For Isabel, a courageous seamstress, this will be the beginning of a new life, full of struggle and resistance. Close to the CNT anarchist union she joined a few months ago, she will have to flee next to her husband, Jaime, one of the leaders of his local cell.

Jaime Martín has maintained some of the elements that made his previous work shine. Color still plays a key role, although the chromatic palette has obviously changed to reflect new situations: the harshness of war, the difficulties of the first postwar period and the hope of the 1960s.

Jamás tendré 20 años, whose title reflects the loss experienced by a generation, is a sense tribute that Jaime Martín surrenders to his grandparents; But at the same time it is a tribute to millions of people who suffered the war and its consequences.

You can find this comic on Norma Comics website.

En su segunda juventud ha descubierto la pasión de escribir. Cuando no se pierde entre fantasías futuristas y pesadillas infernales se dedica a divagar sobre cualquier tema que llame su atención. ¡Todo lo parece interesante! Y es que un escritor puede encontrar la inspiración en las fuentes más inesperadas...