If you want to travel to Sardinia and want to avoid the pelleted beaches. If you are looking for quiet and lonely places, the best time to visit the island is undoubtedly fall.

Autumn is the best season to travel to Sardinia away from the most frequented trails and discover the secrets and wild corners of this ancient island. In these months you will enjoy a pleasant time on the coast will not fall below 15 degrees.

In this season you can taste the exotic sea urchins, freshly caught. And for those who enjoy the pristine nature, where human presence is very discreet, you can enjoy itineraries that reconciles the charm of the coast with wild Hinterland.

It is the best time to stay overnight and dine in Bed and Breakfast and Agritourism where you will be welcomed with warmth and will provide, at a moderate price, typical dishes and local wines. Visit a region is to know the people who live there and chat with them, because the landscape is also human and men are the sons of their land, even on an island.

If you’re ready to travel to Sardinia in autumn, we propose a special route, focusing on its rich craft traditions, its gastronomy and the green, yes, against the backdrop of the sea, seen from the distance.



 1st stop, Porto Torres. You can take the ferry from Barcelona and after a twelve-hour pleasant journey leaves you in Porto Torres, in the province of Sassari. The most interesting? The port, which connects the island with the rest of Europe, and the Romanesque church of San Gavino, the eleventh century, the largest in Sardinia with its 58 meters long and 17 wide, and one of the most important in Europe in this style. In the crypt lie the relics of San Gavino, a martyr of 303 D.C.-in time of Emperor Diocleciano- and every Easter in procession.


Assinara.Walking or cycling towards a hill, the inevitable sea view reveals an island, Assinara, 52 square kilometers, which is a national park since 1997 and from which every 20 minutes there is a ferry from the port of Stintino. Does your originality? It is home to some white donkeys only native albinos in the world grazing at ease and are atrezzo the landscape, and there is another essential fact: formerly had in Assinara a prison in which were held some of the most dangerous prisoners in the world. The place holds a macabre story, what some call Assinara “Devil’s Island”.

Castelsardo. Thirty kilometers by road east of Puerto Torres is Castelsardo. steep and narrow streets, wrought iron balconies, flowers cascading, women who leave their house ajar with colorful basketry craft under the door. The ascent on foot leads to your castle, now a craft center in basketry.


Alghero.Enjoying ourselves in the rhythm of the most evocative waters of the Mediterranean, the road leads us to another point on the island: Alghero. It is a walled city, with its marina waterfront and bastions, towers and a Catalan Gothic-style architecture implemented by the Aragonese certifying its Hispanic past.


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