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EIn a previous article, Amazon Music Unlimited, the new streaming music alternative, we talked about Amazon Music Unlimited, this new streaming music service from the giant of electronic commerce. We explained a bit of what was going on and we gave you some details about its characteristics and its operation.

Basically, Amazon Music Unlimited is a subscription music service like Spotify or Apple Play with its own personality. It has a catalog of more than 50 million songs, in addition to hundreds of playlists and a lot of stations selected by Amazon music experts. It allows you to listen to the song you want wherever you are on any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, Fire, even with exclusive systems as in some vehicles). In addition, you will never hear any announcement (something very annoying) and you can always download your music and listen to it offline whenever you want.

But it is very possible that you have remained doubts. So today’s article is going to devote to dealing with the most common issues around Amazon Music Unlimited.

Music Unlimited

The most common doubts about Amazon Music Unlimited

Before deciding to try this new streaming music service from Amazon, you may want to clarify some doubts that still run through your mind. Here we will try to solve them:

Differences between Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited

Before launching Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime customers had the opportunity to enjoy Prime Music. Prime Music includes more than 2 million songs and allows you 40 hours of music per month without advertising. You can listen to it in streaming or download it.

In contrast, Amazon Music Unlimited has a catalog of more than 50 million songs without any time limit, with access to hundreds of playlists and stations, including the latest releases of the artists of the moment.

As an Amazon Prime customer, you can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited for the monthly fee of € 9.99 / month or choose the annual fee of € 99 / year and save two months. Customers who are not Amazon Prime can only choose the monthly fee.


Amazon Music Unlimited

What is a station

A station is a playlist of songs «without end» (that never ends) related to a theme. You can find stations on various topics (for example, hits of the 80s, rock ballads, etc.).

How to enjoy music without connection

Downloading your music to listen to it offline in the device you choose is very simple. You simply have to select the song, album, playlist or station that you want to listen to offline and click «Download». When the download is finished you will find it in the «My music» tab.

Amazon Music Unlimited Family

In addition to the Individual Rate of € 9.99 / month or € 99 / year for Premium customers, Amazon has the option of the Family Fee of € 14.99 / month or € 149 / year for Premium customers and allows you to include up to six members of a family over 13 years old.

The payment is made by a single member of the family who is considered the main subscriber. If you want to purchase the annual subscription, you are the only one who must be a Premium customer.

The advantage is that, although it is an account shared by up to six members, each one will be able to have their own music, with its own library, its own playlists and its own personalized recommendations.


We hope to have solved your doubts but if you still have any, you can consult the Preguntas Frecuentes  of Amazon Music Unlimited.

Likewise, if you are already convinced and want to start your test month, visit the Amazon Music Unlimited website immediately.

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