zapatillas buffalo

Are you a fan of Buffalo sneakers? You know, those sneakers with a design so characteristic and innovative that they were so fashionable in the 90’s. The Buffalo platforms that made famous stars like the Spice Girls, Madonna or Cher. Those platforms so excessive, those cords and those velcro. The Buffalo sneakers at that time were called Buffalo Classic. Since then they were a cult but now they have returned with more strength than ever as Buffalo London shoes. With the same spirit of then but with even more extreme and bold designs. Our friends of Corbeto’s Boots are distributors of Buffalo sneakers in our country and today they are going to tell us about the latest news. If you […]

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disney on ice 2020

Not long ago we talked about the new Disney on Ice show , Disney on Ice 2020, 100 Years of Magic, which we can enjoy in our country between February 27 and March 15 next year. And we already tell you that, being such a special show, it will have more than 50 unforgettable characters from all Disney movies. So today, in this article we are going to tell you a little about what characters we can find in this wonderful Disney on Ice show. A great master of ceremonies The motto with which this edition of Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic will start is “It all started with a mouse”, phrase of the emeritus Walt Disney. Therefore, […]

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If you visit Barcelona or want a souvenir or a gift related to the Mediterranean capital you have two options. The first is what all tourists who visit Barcelona do, you know, buy something typical Spanish. The second is to opt for something authentically made in Barcelona. Barcelona souvenirs? Choose made in Barcelona It is already becoming a bit ridiculous to see all the tourists who visit the city and that to take a souvenir from Barcelona they end up buying a bullfighter, a bailaora, ensaimadas, Mexican hats, Osborne bulls and things like that. In addition, most of these “souvenirs of Barcelona” have not even been manufactured here. They are usually manufactured beyond the seas. If you are looking for […]

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It is really fascinating how our current cultural icons are formed. And a clear example of this is the Baby Shark phenomenon. If you are one of the few human beings on this planet who do not know him yet, I will put you in the background. Simplifying things a lot, Baby Shark is a viral YouTube video, a simple and repetitive children’s song with a fun, easy-to-follow choreography. It barely lasts more than two minutes and now it has become a musical and, they say, Netflix is going to turn it into a series. The origin of Baby Shark The didactic music of Baby Shark explains, in its scarce two minutes, the story of a family of sharks that […]

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Tired of the monotony, routine and stress of everyday life? Do you want to fall in love again, spend a special evening, disconnect from the world and feel each other again? A romantic dinner at one of the romantic restaurants in Malaga will bring romanticism back to your relationship. Or maybe you are looking for a place to celebrate a special day: an anniversary, a date to remember, an important event. You can choose from the many romantic restaurants in Malaga to celebrate that special day. Although if you are looking for a place to celebrate a romantic dinner in Malaga, we recommend a place that you will love and will not disappoint you. And if you don’t know him. […]

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Tapear en Málaga: una ruta de tapeo

Las tapas de Málaga puede ser de las más tradicionales a las más vanguardistas

Tapear en Málaga supone disfrutar el emblema de la gastronomía andaluza en todo su esplendor. Porque tapear es algo más que comer: supone compartir, intercambiar buen humor, disfrutar de la gente, del clima… Eso es tapear en Málaga, compartir pequeños y selectos bocados con una cerveza o un buen vino malagueño, a tu aire. El carácter abierto típicamente malagueño también hace otro tanto, como podrá comprobar quien visite la ciudad. Hay mucha variedad de tapas, desde las más tradicionales hasta las más innovadoras. Las más comunes son la tradicional tortilla de patatas, la ensaladilla rusa, las croquetas , jamón y queso… Son las tapas que siempre encontraremos en cualquier lugar de España. Las tradicionales tapas de Málaga son el ajoblanco, […]

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silueta de toro

Not long ago we talked to you in this article of BadFriends, an original gift shop. One of the unique aspects of this brand is the concept that surrounds it. The “Bad Friends” the four rogue friends. And one of them is Bad Toro, a bull silhouette that, in some way, we can identify with our country. In fact, in their original conception, Bad Friends were intended as souvenirs for airport stores. That is why everyone has some national reminiscence. Thus, in the same way that Bad Elk is a Nordic character, the bull silhouette of Bad Toro is easy to associate with the Spanish. Osborne’s bull vs Bad Toro In fact, that association did not like Osborne very much. […]

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