A new look for your boat this summer

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Having a boat or boat is a privilege in many ways, and requires a series of care that does not have to be a problem. It is all a matter of being clear about the bases of its maintenance, which include carpentry for boats, and setting a budget. With summer comes the best time to enjoy our boat, and many people look forward to the summer season for this reason. It is then when it comes time to do a “facelift” on our boat, which beyond its maintenance can be an opportunity to change its style.

The worst thing that can happen to a boat is that water enters, from the carpentry for boats it becomes so important. If it is in good condition, split, loose or punctured planks will be avoided, something that requires immediate repair. And apply a timely coat of boat paint, too.

Similarly, when cleaning the boat, you must pay close attention to the products or materials used. Cleaning the boat is important to consider the materials we use. Avoid aggressive forms of deck cleaning that can wear down your paint, such as the stiff-bristled brush. It is preferable to use a softer brush and pass it transversely, depending on the direction of the grain. It is about protecting the wood while taking advantage of it, enhancing its natural luster.

Boat joinery; protecting the fundamental

Not all waters are the same, nor are the effects they cause on the surface of a ship. For example, rainwater is the most damaging to a boat and its accumulation must be avoided so that humidity does not cause rot and other deterioration. However, salt water has a slight preservative effect.

Another detrimental effect on the ship’s carpentry is caused by the lack of ventilation, and this can be remedied with the use of breathable materials to coat the boat.

Marine dehumidifiers are also very useful for removing excess moisture. Failing that, you can try to create an abundant air flow through the accommodation areas and stowage spaces. This will prevent mold, bad odor and all the negative effects of humidity.

In the event that the boat is modeled in fiberglass, it will be necessary to check and repair possible scratches, cracks or other deteriorations in the gelcoat. Going over the fiberglass hull paint may be necessary.

Maintenance of the boat’s engines and other equipment will be essential for its good condition or tuning for the season

Where to take the boat so that it is impeccable

Sails and rigging are also an item to check carefully and to replace as necessary. It should be borne in mind that cracks usually occur that are not visible to the naked eye, so it is best to take our boat to a trusted dry dock, such as V de Bravado.

This place, described by many as “the dry dock for sea lovers”, was conceived to meet the highest expectations of efficiency. In the nautical sector, it is important to have companies that, in addition to being effective, adapt to all the needs that may arise on boats.

V de Bravado stands out for having modern facilities to easily carry out any repair and tuning work on boats, sails or engines. And all this happening. From carpentry and carpentry work on classic boats, to the maintenance of the most sophisticated avant-garde yachts. With a technical area of ​​12,500 m2, in the Premià de Mar marina, it is the most suitable place to beach our boat and get the best look for this summer.

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