Do you know the types of propeller for boats and their uses?

revisión de barco, v de bravado

In the review of a ship, one of the most important elements are the propellers. Today we are going to do a small exercise in naval and mechanical engineering to explain the different types of propellers and their uses. For this we will have the advice of V de Bravado, the boathouse of Premia de Mar. But before differentiating the different types of propellers, our friends of V de Bravado explain that we must know a basic question of naval and mechanical engineering: the passage of a propeller. What is the propeller pitch? In naval and mechanical engineering, it is understood by the propeller pitch when it takes a full turn. Represents the distance the propeller advances when rotation occurs. […]

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Microfono Shure Beta 57A

When we talk about Shure we are talking about the history of the microphone and sound in general. And this brand has been a pioneer in research and development of sound capture and reproduction since they released their first model, the 55 Unidyne in 1939. A Shure microphone is synonymous with quality and reliability. It is the industry standard for beginners and professionals. You will find a Shure microphone suitable for your needs. Whether you need a voice or instrument microphone, battery or wireless microphones. From the hand of MicroFusa, one of the main suppliers of Shure material, we will know the main microphones of this great brand: Wireless Shure SM58 Microphone The Shure SM58 is the legendary microphone for […]

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