harlem globetrotters

Basketball fans and fans of good shows for all audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy the Globetrotters in 2022. Laughter, fun, incredible dunks, excitement and tons of humour is what the Globetrotters Spain tour offers. These ball magicians, during the month of May 2022 will start their tour through different provinces of Spain. Undoubtedly, this year’s spring promises with these giants of basketball, the legendary Globetrotters. Harlem Globetrotters is one of the most famous basketball teams in the world, but not for their number of titles accumulated in big games. The Globetrotters are globally popular for their blend of basketball and entertainment, a new concept in family entertainment that they have brought to more than 120 countries. If you […]

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boing fest

Boing Fest, organised by Proactiv, Spain’s leading company in the production of family shows, will be divided into 8 zones that will allow attendees to access the different activities and workshops. The Creative Zone: where participants will be able to show their most artistic and original side. The Extreme Zone: a multi-purpose area for sports lovers. The Health Zone: with workshops to learn healthy habits. The Baby Zone: for parents to enjoy and learn with their youngest children. The Picnic Zone: with healthy cooking workshops and a space to recharge your batteries, are some of them.  Boing Fest is created by Boing, the leading commercial children’s TV channel in Spain.  Buy your tickets at Proactiv. If you already have tickets, […]

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WWE has announced in the last few hours the date and location of the next three WrestleMania events. Also, pro wrestling reporter Mike Johnson has released several dates for more shows, which will soon air on the WWE Network. Meanwhile, WWE Events has confirmed the date for Elimination Chamber, a show that began airing in 2015. Fastlane 2021 will be held from March 21 and will open the door for WWE Live Events. Get your WWE Madrid tickets from Proactiv! WWE in Spain 2021 More than 65 years of wrestling experience. World Wrestling Entertainment, or better known as WWE, is one of the most popular contact sports companies. Its programme has already visited more than 150 countries and has millions […]

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Sailing boats are those that take advantage of the action of the wind on their sails to propel themselves. Depending on their dimensions they are known as dinghies, cruising sailboats or yachts. Today, with the help of V de Bravado, the Premià de Mar dry dock, we are going to learn about the different existing types, taking into account their different characteristics. Different types of sailing boats In V de Bravado, the Premià de Mar dry dock, they explain that we can differentiate sailing vessels according to the type of hull, the class of submerged appendages and the configuration of their rigging: By the type of hull: Monohull Catamaran Trimaran According to the type of submerged appendages: Keel Daggerboard By […]

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monitores activos krk rokit g4

Keith Klawitter was a sound engineer with years of experience in the film industry. He had worked in movies like “The Doors”. Frustrated that he couldn’t find a monitor that would give him the clarity and precision he was looking for, he started building his own monitors. Aswí, in 1986 founded KRK Systems, specialized in active monitors. Today, with its characteristic and well-known yellow woofer, KRK active monitors offer a natural and precise sound, offering a wide variety of models adapted to any type of need and budget. In today’s article we review the most outstanding KRK speakers from MicroFusa, the largest online store of musical material, the KRK RoKIT series. KRK RoKIT series For years, the Keith Klawitter brand […]

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Do you know the types of propeller for boats and their uses?

revisión de barco, v de bravado

In the review of a ship, one of the most important elements are the propellers. Today we are going to do a small exercise in naval and mechanical engineering to explain the different types of propellers and their uses. For this we will have the advice of V de Bravado, the boathouse of Premia de Mar. But before differentiating the different types of propellers, our friends of V de Bravado explain that we must know a basic question of naval and mechanical engineering: the passage of a propeller. What is the propeller pitch? In naval and mechanical engineering, it is understood by the propeller pitch when it takes a full turn. Represents the distance the propeller advances when rotation occurs. […]

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Microfono Shure Beta 57A

When we talk about Shure we are talking about the history of the microphone and sound in general. And this brand has been a pioneer in research and development of sound capture and reproduction since they released their first model, the 55 Unidyne in 1939. A Shure microphone is synonymous with quality and reliability. It is the industry standard for beginners and professionals. You will find a Shure microphone suitable for your needs. Whether you need a voice or instrument microphone, battery or wireless microphones. From the hand of MicroFusa, one of the main suppliers of Shure material, we will know the main microphones of this great brand: Wireless Shure SM58 Microphone The Shure SM58 is the legendary microphone for […]

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