Eating in Mallorca is another attraction of the island

Mallorca, considered “the pearl of the Mediterranean”, is the favorite destination of many people to spend their holidays. But beyond its benevolent climate, beaches and other beautiful natural landscapes, Mallorca’s restaurants are another of its attractions. The reason is none other than the Mallorcan cuisine, of extraordinary level, so eating in Mallorca has added value. Many of its dishes are still unknown by its visitors, mistakenly thinking that the best of the island are its beaches. But the restaurants of Mallorca are up to the rest of the attractions offered by the island, and there are many. The Mallorcan cuisine is based on natural ingredients from the garden, as well as seafood from the area. Also other types of proximity […]

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Tissot watches incorporate advanced features and a meticulous design

A watch is the jewel or complement in which the importance of design goes hand in hand with utility. The watch brand will also give us many clues about what we can expect from it in all aspects. And depending on our expectations and possibilities, we will opt for one brand or another. Tissot watches, Maserati watches, Junghans watches … there are as many options as doubts may arise. But regardless of what we look for and our tastes, a watch is always expected to be trusted. Again, the watch brand will guide us a lot about it. For example, Tissot watches are usually a highly valued option, and there is no reason to do so. The Swiss brand incorporates […]

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Having the most appropriate boathouse is unavoidable to navigate.

Sailing becomes a passion for many people once they have the opportunity to discover this pleasure. This can happen at any stage of life, and having the most appropriate boathouse will be inescapable for those who like to navigate. If you have a sailboat you should already know it, and if you are thinking of having it, you will end up checking it out. The appropriate boathouse must have modern facilities perfectly equipped for all repair and commissioning work. From the simplest interventions in carpentry and joinery, to the most complex treatments, it must be faced by a boathouse. A boathouse in Barcelona that stands out for being one of the most modern on the Mediterranean coast is V de […]

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We have often told you about one of our favorite restaurants in Mallorca, the Salicornia Restaurant, a place to enjoy authentic seafood cuisine in a colorful and pleasant atmosphere. But today we want to tell you about a very special aspect of this restaurant in Mallorca, of its fantastic terrace, the best terrace in Mallorca. And you already know that we are very fans of Salicornia Restaurant. So in today’s article we will explain why we believe it has, not the best terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi, but the best terrace in Mallorca. Salicornia restaurant, a privileged location As sure you already know that if you are following this blog, Salicornia Restaurant has an incomparable location that makes it one […]

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¿Qué es la cocina marinera?

A typical seafood rice from seafood cuisine

Tan variada y atractiva como los paisajes de la isla de Mallorca así es su cocina marinera, muy rica en recetas. Playas y calas de ensueño, montañas, acantilados, llanos… naturaleza vibrante y diversa para todos los gustos. Como su gastronomía, que destaca por mezclar con maestría sabores salados y dulces, posiblemente por influencia árabe. Dentro de la gastronomía mallorquina destaca su cocina marinera con su variedad de pescados, mariscos, arroces y fideuás. Basada en los frutos del mar que representan la cocina mediterránea en su más pura esencia, la cocina marinera deslumbra. Zarzuelas tradicionales, calderetas, cazuelitas de pescado, almejas a la marinera, arroz meloso, langosta… Una cocina basada en ingredientes de un valor nutricional tan alto como su gran potencial […]

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In the digital era, from our homes we can perform all kinds of steps that previously involved moving. From any procedure with the different administrations to the weekly purchase, through the download of music or watching movies online. But what about the jewelry? Well, the truth is that online jewelry is trendy. To understand why we talk with our friends of Laguarda, the best online jewelry we know and experts in online diamond sales. Why online jewelry is trendy Because you can order your jewelry from the comfort of your home As our friends at Laguarda Joiers, the best jewelry in Barcelona, explain to us, this is one of the main reasons. Online jewelry makes everything much simpler: you choose […]

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Hace poco más de un año que abría sus puertas el restaurante Matiz Malaga y, en este poco tiempo, ya podemos afirmar que, para nosotros es el mejor restaurante de Malaga. Tenemos muchos motivos para tal afirmación: el fantástico ambiente del local, su exquisita decoración, su ideal ubicación, el fabuloso trato de todo el personal… Pero si hay algo que definitivamente nos enamora es la cocina de su chef Marcos Granados. Es su arte el que define a Matiz como el mejor restaurante de Malaga. Y nos fascina tanto el proyecto gastronómico del chef Granados que el artículo de hoy vamos a dedicarlo precisamente a hablar de algunos de sus platos. Es imposible hablar de todos ellos, así que únicamente […]

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Miraculous Ladybug, a worldwide phenomenon Now live!

Miraculous Ladybug, the children’s series that sweeps the world for the first time comes to Europe, making the screen jump to the stage. The series created by Thomas Astruc and produced by Jeremy Zag began airing in France on October 19, 2015 on the French channel TF1. Since then its popularity has only grown, more than 60 episodes have been broadcast and there have been three seasons and reaching agreements for the distribution of the series with such important platforms as Disney Channel and Netflix. Now he arrives in Madrid from December 21 to 29, 2019 with his live musical ready to conquer the imaginary and the hearts of both adults and children. You can find the online tickets entered […]

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zapatillas buffalo

Are you a fan of Buffalo sneakers? You know, those sneakers with a design so characteristic and innovative that they were so fashionable in the 90’s. The Buffalo platforms that made famous stars like the Spice Girls, Madonna or Cher. Those platforms so excessive, those cords and those velcro. The Buffalo sneakers at that time were called Buffalo Classic. Since then they were a cult but now they have returned with more strength than ever as Buffalo London shoes. With the same spirit of then but with even more extreme and bold designs. Our friends of Corbeto’s Boots are distributors of Buffalo sneakers in our country and today they are going to tell us about the latest news. If you […]

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