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It is really fascinating how our current cultural icons are formed. And a clear example of this is the Baby Shark phenomenon. If you are one of the few human beings on this planet who do not know him yet, I will put you in the background. Simplifying things a lot, Baby Shark is a viral YouTube video, a simple and repetitive children’s song with a fun, easy-to-follow choreography. It barely lasts more than two minutes and now it has become a musical and, they say, Netflix is going to turn it into a series.

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The origin of Baby Shark

The didactic music of Baby Shark explains, in its scarce two minutes, the story of a family of sharks that go hunting. Each family member is presented with different hand movements, creating a fun choreography simple and easy to remember. Also, the song is catchy, but really catchy.

The video that has been explosively viralized has been created by the Korean company Pinkfong. It is an education brand within a media company called SmartStudy. The original video was uploaded to the channel in November 2015. But it is not the first version of the story.

In fact, Baby Shark music has been around the world for quite some years. At least there is evidence of it since the early twentieth century. Some sources place their origin in traditional myths, others in the early early childhood education programs. Other “experts”, more lagging behind, consider it inspired by the movie “Jaws.” The truth is that, for years, it had been a traditional campfire song with different versions with sharks hunting fish, eating a sailor or killing people who then go up to the sky.

One of the first versions to be uploaded to YouTube was that of the German artist Alexandra Müller, also known as Alemuel. That was in 2007 and was titled “Kleiner Hai” (little shark in German). He told the story of a baby shark that grew and ate a swimmer.

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The amazing success of Pinkfong Baby Shark

But, definitely, it has been the Baby Shark of the Pinkfong Koreans who have achieved success stardom, literally. This version begins with the compasses of the Symphony No. 9 of Antonín Dvořák, which are reminiscent of the music of the movie “Jaws”.

All the videos related to the Pinkfong song have obtained around 5 billion views until July 2019, making it the most watched educational video of all time. On the other hand, since July 2019, the most popular video of the song Baby Shark (labeled “Baby Shark Dance”), uploaded on June 17, 2016, 16 has received more than 3 billion views worldwide. This figure makes it the eighth most watched video in YouTube history.

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And now, the musical

Effectively, now you have the opportunity to put on your fins and dance insane to the rhythm of Baby Shark’s music. For the first time in Europe, the live music world phenomenon that is inspired by the famous children’s song arrives in Madrid. Families from all over the planet dance daily with the songs of the funny characters of the series like Baby Shark, Daddy Shark, Pinkfong or Hogi, whom we can see on the stage in a fun adventure. In addition, during the fantastic show, other popular songs such as “Tyrannosaurus Rex”, “Penguin Dance” and “Jungle Boogie” will also be sung and danced.

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