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If you visit Barcelona or want a souvenir or a gift related to the Mediterranean capital you have two options. The first is what all tourists who visit Barcelona do, you know, buy something typical Spanish. The second is to opt for something authentically made in Barcelona.

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Barcelona souvenirs? Choose made in Barcelona

It is already becoming a bit ridiculous to see all the tourists who visit the city and that to take a souvenir from Barcelona they end up buying a bullfighter, a bailaora, ensaimadas, Mexican hats, Osborne bulls and things like that. In addition, most of these “souvenirs of Barcelona” have not even been manufactured here. They are usually manufactured beyond the seas.

If you are looking for an authentic memory of your time in the city or just looking for an original gift, a good idea is to look for something that is truly made in Barcelona. And don’t misunderstand me. It is not a simple matter of protectionism. The truth is that the design of Barcelona is cool. And since you’re looking for a souvenir from here, oysters, take something really created here. A souvenir, a memory, that has really been designed and manufactured here. Sounds logical, right?

I don’t know, it would seem absurd to me for a friend to visit Montpellier and bring me an Eiffel Tower as a souvenir. Or to visit Tuscany and bring me something from the Vatican. Sounds surreal, right?

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Design, an identity brand of Barcelona

This year has celebrated the 90th anniversary of the International Exhibition of Barcelona of 1929. One of the events that placed the Catalan capital on the international scene together with the Universal Exhibition of 1888 and, of course, the 1992 Olympic Games.

In addition to attracting visitors from all over the world, these three events have in common the heritage they left in the field of design. In fact, during the last century, Barcelona has made design one of its hallmarks, offering the world various works known already throughout the world. From the great Chupa-Chups to the colorful Desigual garments. In fact, there is an interesting BCN Design Route that offers you a tour of the city and allows you to discover numerous Made in Barcelona creations in fields such as industry, ceramics or textile.

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Bad Friends, design made in Barcelona

Precisely, you are looking for a souvenir of Barcelona, authentic and original, that really represents the essence of the city, you will find fantastic ideas on the website of BadFriends, one of the most original stores in Barcelona. They have t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, stuffed animals, toys. But also cups, canteens, key chains, openers, magnets, stickers, backpacks and much more.

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