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Not long ago we talked to you in this article of BadFriends, an original gift shop. One of the unique aspects of this brand is the concept that surrounds it. The “Bad Friends” the four rogue friends. And one of them is Bad Toro, a bull silhouette that, in some way, we can identify with our country.

In fact, in their original conception, Bad Friends were intended as souvenirs for airport stores. That is why everyone has some national reminiscence. Thus, in the same way that Bad Elk is a Nordic character, the bull silhouette of Bad Toro is easy to associate with the Spanish.

silueta de toro Osborne

Osborne’s bull vs Bad Toro

In fact, that association did not like Osborne very much. Those who flooded our roads with the silhouette of the bull. The only one that seems to be marketable. And it seems that they did not think it was a good idea to incorporate the word “bull” into the brand.

The legal dispute began in 2010 and the Osborne Group claimed that, since they sold the same kind of products, the semblance of both brands and the bull’s logo could lead to confusion for the public.

For several years there were different disagreements, until at the end of 2017 the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in favor of Bad Toro and allowing its registration in the European Union.

Bad Toro

BadToro, an absolutely different bull silhouette

Certainly the Bad Toro logo cannot be further from the classic Osborne bull silhouette. The latter represents the most classic and retrograde image of Spain. An old-fashioned, pierced image, the trasnochada and kisch image of the bailaora and the bullfighter on top of the TV.

But, at present, there are no longer tube teles. Now they are flat and no longer wear the silhouette of a bull and a dancer doing balances on the edge. And, precisely, BadToro is quite the opposite. It is a young, cheerful, casual, rebellious, modern and modern design. That connects more with the young spirit than with the ghosts of the past.

For example, you can buy two bulls shirts. One with the silhouette of the Osborne bull and the other with the modern image of BadToro. Compare them and you will immediately notice the differences. With the first one, it will seem that the 82 World Cup is still being played, that of the Naranjito. With the second you can go to Primavera Sound or Sónar. The first looks like the typical tacky souvenir that buys any guiri passed by. The second is a really cool gift. Where have you bought it? In Barcelona? Noticeable! Made in Barcelona!

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If you want to know more about Bad Toro and the rest of his rogue friends, visit the BadFriends website.

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