Boat route through Catalonia

La Costa catalana tiene casi 800 kilómetros de costa para recorrer

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The Catalan coast has almost 800 kilometers of coastline, offering a varied spectacle of coves and beaches that are different from each other. This is one of the many attractions of this beautiful land, which deserves to be traveled both from the inside and sailing along its coast. The sea exerts a powerful attraction on humanity since always, and having a boat is one of the most pleasant experiences of our life. Enjoying free time with friends, family, couples or in the solitude of our boat is as wonderful as it is enriching.

A boathouse in Catalonia like V de Bravado, is a “safe harbor” for any boat. For many, Bravado is the Varadero Catalunya of those who are passionate about the sea. In V de Bravado they take care of everything necessary so that the boats are always ready to sail, be they sail or motor. Modern, cozy and with magnificent facilities a boathouse Barcelona as V de Bravado are specialists in providing quick solutions to restore or repair the boats.

Having our boat always ready, fantastic tours await us during which to forget everything, except the fullness of life. See wild coves on the Costa Brava, beautiful places of rocky coast in Tarragona, hidden corners that can only be accessed from the sea … A boat route through Catalonia always offers pearls to discover.

A boathouse in Catalonia like V de Bravado, is a "safe harbor" for any boat.

A boathouse in Catalonia: and ready to take the road

If we have a preference for spectacular coves, some of the best beaches in Spain are concentrated in Girona. In the north of the Costa Brava, specifically in Cap de Creus, is Cala Culip, with a spectacular sea and geology. In our route through the same area we cannot miss Cala Jugadora, Cala Culleró and Cala Prona. The area of Cap de Creus is an extension of the Pyrenees to the sea, being the easternmost point of the peninsula. A boat route through this area is a must for its beauty.

The Costa Brava offers one of the most beautiful coastal routes in the country

Begur also awaits us with a jewel called Aigua Blava, one of the most famous in Catalonia. Crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, cliffs … a beautiful environment where to stop our boat. Another cove of Begur to stand out for how picturesque it is is Sa Tuna

Another mandatory stop on our boat route will be in the immediate vicinity of Palamós, in Castell beach, a symbol. This beach is a half-moon shaped sand, surrounded by forests and fields irrigated by a canal that flows into the beach.

The vicinity of Tamariu, in Palafrugell, offers a privileged enclave of pines and rocks that reach the sea, with magical coves such as Aigua Xelida.

Cala Pola, belonging to the municipality of Tossa de Mar, is another one of great beauty and calm waters.

Sailing to the southwest

Starting from the Varadero of Premià de Mar V de Bravado, we can continue our route heading southwest. On the coast of Sitges, a charismatic and busy municipality on the Catalan coast, the beach of San Sebastià stands out. It is located next to the marina and the old town.

Following the course of the coast until reaching Tarragona, we arrive at Hospitalet de l’Infant, with areas of crystalline waters due to the presence of posidonia meadows.

This space is declared of natural interest due to the presence of mountains and vegetation by the sea.

Cala Fonda is another place rich in wild beauty, as well as the beach of Altafulla or Creixell, one of the best on the Costa Dorada.

Even so, the best route is the one discovered by sailing, and the Catalan coast offers many possibilities to discover it.

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