Denim shirts are garments that do not go out of style and adapt to all seasons.

Denim shirts are garments that do not go out of style and adapt to all seasons. Moreover, lately they are a trend, largely undoing the typical white shirts. In addition to being a basic wardrobe, denim shirts are one of the favorite garments of western-style lovers. And also, of course, of those who like to wear a casual or urban style. Versatile, easy to wear at any time of the day, and also different, a men’s denim shirt can be integrated into any look. They are perfect for creating a casual style, from the most casual to the most careful. Because a denim shirt for men can also be integrated with an American and even tie, without losing freshness and […]

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Comprar entradas online en Proactiv también supone beneficiarse de los mejores descuentos.

When you want and from wherever you want, not worrying about queuing or traveling, are some of the main advantages of buying tickets online. Instantly, with peace of mind and absolute security, buying tickets through the internet has been a long-standing option. In addition, with total guarantee that from the moment you buy tickets online, they are reserved for you. At least if you buy it, you make it through Proactiv, a leading company in designing, organizing and producing entertainment, as a unique experience. In addition to the promotion, organization and communication of shows and events, Proactiv is also responsible for the integral management of sales. Through its website, where they announce events and shows, tickets can be purchased to […]

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relojes seiko

If you like watches, you will surely have heard about Seiko Sumo watches. Belonging to the Prospex family, it is a mid-range automatic diving watch that enjoys fame and recognition of much more valuable pieces. It is a battle watch, water resistant to 200 meters and with ISO 6425 certificate, but with an appearance closer to the expensive Marine Master series. From the hand of Laguarda Joiers, the best online watchmaking in Barcelona, we will know the reason for the fame of these Seiko watches. Seiko Sumo Watches: Technical Specifications Origin: Japanese Crystal Type: Hardlex Crystal Visualization: Analog with fluorescent lumens on needles and markers Case material: Stainless Steel Belt material: Plastic resin or Steel, depending on the model Diameter: […]

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Now that autumn begins, it is the ideal time to talk about cowboy boots for women. For a couple of years now, they are an international fashion trend and are part of the urban style look, combining or forming part of other styles. The reality is that the cowboy style has merged very well with other styles, functioning as the perfect complement to give that unique original touch to the most daring looks. And cowboy boots for women are, of course, the ideal accessory. Easy to combine, practical and comfortable, especially in autumn, western boots are ideal. Cowboy boots for all styles The good thing about western boots is that, right now, they fit well with all styles. They are […]

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We have been talking about our favorite souvenir shop in Barcelona, ​​the BadFriends Store, for a few months. And we have already told you why it is precisely our favorite souvenir shop. You already know. BadFriends are original, authentic original gifts. They are not the simple and typical typical Spanish souvenirs that you find in all the souvenir shops of the tourist areas of our country. And, in addition, it is authentic design made in Barcelona. It is definitely original gifts and souvenirs. All kinds of objects that both serve as souvenirs of your visit to Barcelona as an original gift if you want to surprise a family member or friend on an anniversary or at a party. And as […]

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Tissot watches incorporate advanced features and a meticulous design

A watch is the jewel or complement in which the importance of design goes hand in hand with utility. The watch brand will also give us many clues about what we can expect from it in all aspects. And depending on our expectations and possibilities, we will opt for one brand or another. Tissot watches, Maserati watches, Junghans watches … there are as many options as doubts may arise. But regardless of what we look for and our tastes, a watch is always expected to be trusted. Again, the watch brand will guide us a lot about it. For example, Tissot watches are usually a highly valued option, and there is no reason to do so. The Swiss brand incorporates […]

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In the digital era, from our homes we can perform all kinds of steps that previously involved moving. From any procedure with the different administrations to the weekly purchase, through the download of music or watching movies online. But what about the jewelry? Well, the truth is that online jewelry is trendy. To understand why we talk with our friends of Laguarda, the best online jewelry we know and experts in online diamond sales. Why online jewelry is trendy Because you can order your jewelry from the comfort of your home As our friends at Laguarda Joiers, the best jewelry in Barcelona, explain to us, this is one of the main reasons. Online jewelry makes everything much simpler: you choose […]

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zapatillas buffalo

Are you a fan of Buffalo sneakers? You know, those sneakers with a design so characteristic and innovative that they were so fashionable in the 90’s. The Buffalo platforms that made famous stars like the Spice Girls, Madonna or Cher. Those platforms so excessive, those cords and those velcro. The Buffalo sneakers at that time were called Buffalo Classic. Since then they were a cult but now they have returned with more strength than ever as Buffalo London shoes. With the same spirit of then but with even more extreme and bold designs. Our friends of Corbeto’s Boots are distributors of Buffalo sneakers in our country and today they are going to tell us about the latest news. If you […]

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If you visit Barcelona or want a souvenir or a gift related to the Mediterranean capital you have two options. The first is what all tourists who visit Barcelona do, you know, buy something typical Spanish. The second is to opt for something authentically made in Barcelona. Barcelona souvenirs? Choose made in Barcelona It is already becoming a bit ridiculous to see all the tourists who visit the city and that to take a souvenir from Barcelona they end up buying a bullfighter, a bailaora, ensaimadas, Mexican hats, Osborne bulls and things like that. In addition, most of these “souvenirs of Barcelona” have not even been manufactured here. They are usually manufactured beyond the seas. If you are looking for […]

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