Eating in Mallorca is another attraction of the island

Mallorca, considered “the pearl of the Mediterranean”, is the favorite destination of many people to spend their holidays. But beyond its benevolent climate, beaches and other beautiful natural landscapes, Mallorca’s restaurants are another of its attractions. The reason is none other than the Mallorcan cuisine, of extraordinary level, so eating in Mallorca has added value. Many of its dishes are still unknown by its visitors, mistakenly thinking that the best of the island are its beaches. But the restaurants of Mallorca are up to the rest of the attractions offered by the island, and there are many. The Mallorcan cuisine is based on natural ingredients from the garden, as well as seafood from the area. Also other types of proximity […]

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We have often told you about one of our favorite restaurants in Mallorca, the Salicornia Restaurant, a place to enjoy authentic seafood cuisine in a colorful and pleasant atmosphere. But today we want to tell you about a very special aspect of this restaurant in Mallorca, of its fantastic terrace, the best terrace in Mallorca. And you already know that we are very fans of Salicornia Restaurant. So in today’s article we will explain why we believe it has, not the best terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi, but the best terrace in Mallorca. Salicornia restaurant, a privileged location As sure you already know that if you are following this blog, Salicornia Restaurant has an incomparable location that makes it one […]

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¿Qué es la cocina marinera?

A typical seafood rice from seafood cuisine

Tan variada y atractiva como los paisajes de la isla de Mallorca así es su cocina marinera, muy rica en recetas. Playas y calas de ensueño, montañas, acantilados, llanos… naturaleza vibrante y diversa para todos los gustos. Como su gastronomía, que destaca por mezclar con maestría sabores salados y dulces, posiblemente por influencia árabe. Dentro de la gastronomía mallorquina destaca su cocina marinera con su variedad de pescados, mariscos, arroces y fideuás. Basada en los frutos del mar que representan la cocina mediterránea en su más pura esencia, la cocina marinera deslumbra. Zarzuelas tradicionales, calderetas, cazuelitas de pescado, almejas a la marinera, arroz meloso, langosta… Una cocina basada en ingredientes de un valor nutricional tan alto como su gran potencial […]

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Hace poco más de un año que abría sus puertas el restaurante Matiz Malaga y, en este poco tiempo, ya podemos afirmar que, para nosotros es el mejor restaurante de Malaga. Tenemos muchos motivos para tal afirmación: el fantástico ambiente del local, su exquisita decoración, su ideal ubicación, el fabuloso trato de todo el personal… Pero si hay algo que definitivamente nos enamora es la cocina de su chef Marcos Granados. Es su arte el que define a Matiz como el mejor restaurante de Malaga. Y nos fascina tanto el proyecto gastronómico del chef Granados que el artículo de hoy vamos a dedicarlo precisamente a hablar de algunos de sus platos. Es imposible hablar de todos ellos, así que únicamente […]

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Tired of the monotony, routine and stress of everyday life? Do you want to fall in love again, spend a special evening, disconnect from the world and feel each other again? A romantic dinner at one of the romantic restaurants in Malaga will bring romanticism back to your relationship. Or maybe you are looking for a place to celebrate a special day: an anniversary, a date to remember, an important event. You can choose from the many romantic restaurants in Malaga to celebrate that special day. Although if you are looking for a place to celebrate a romantic dinner in Malaga, we recommend a place that you will love and will not disappoint you. And if you don’t know him. […]

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Tapear en Málaga: una ruta de tapeo

Las tapas de Málaga puede ser de las más tradicionales a las más vanguardistas

Tapear en Málaga supone disfrutar el emblema de la gastronomía andaluza en todo su esplendor. Porque tapear es algo más que comer: supone compartir, intercambiar buen humor, disfrutar de la gente, del clima… Eso es tapear en Málaga, compartir pequeños y selectos bocados con una cerveza o un buen vino malagueño, a tu aire. El carácter abierto típicamente malagueño también hace otro tanto, como podrá comprobar quien visite la ciudad. Hay mucha variedad de tapas, desde las más tradicionales hasta las más innovadoras. Las más comunes son la tradicional tortilla de patatas, la ensaladilla rusa, las croquetas , jamón y queso… Son las tapas que siempre encontraremos en cualquier lugar de España. Las tradicionales tapas de Málaga son el ajoblanco, […]

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The best red wines of Spain are part of the most select wineries in the world

Spanish wines are usually among the best in the world. Making a selection of the best red wines in Spain is not an easy task, precisely because there are many. The favorable geographical configuration, the benevolent climate and the dedication of the winemaker and winemaker have much to do with it. Some of the best red wines in Spain are part of the most select wineries in the world. In addition to the quality and characteristics of each wine, it also influences its bottling and the design of its labeling. The different types of wine will also influence when choosing: young, young oak, aging, reserve or large reserve. Since the wine culture is on the rise, it is increasingly common […]

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In the middle of summer with August just around the corner and the holidays looming, it is a great time to talk about one of the most popular destinations to spend these days: the island of Mallorca. Although we are going to limit ourselves to rambling, today we are going to tell you about the best restaurants in Mallorca. Many things can be done on the island: sunbathing, bathing on its beaches, enjoying the nights, its nightclubs. But you can also enjoy the magnificent cuisine of the island. And what better way to do it in the best restaurants in Mallorca. The best restaurants in Mallorca 2019: Skalop Years ago it started being another place to eat well. Now it […]

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Salicornia restaurant in Mallorca

The summers months the island of Mallorca becomes a powerful claim in the Mediterranean. The same happens with the Salicornia de Mallorca restaurant: it is located in Colonia de Sant Jordi, a magnificent enclave on the island. The attractions of the area are many and varied: wonderful beaches, landscape, nature, sport, culture … You can not miss the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine offered by restaurants in Colonia de Sant Jordi. The Salicornia de Mallorca restaurant is one of the most prominent, as it offers much more than purely Mediterranean dishes. Salicornia masterfully merges the best of the seafood gastronomic tradition with the most innovative avant-garde. But an enclave as attractive as Colonia Sant Jordi can be very attractive outside. Enjoy […]

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Matiz Málaga restaurant, in the center

Malaga is one of the most privileged provinces of the Spanish coast. Bathed by the Mediterranean and with a perfect harmony between beach and nature, it houses the Matiz Málaga restaurant in its center. Although its beaches stand out especially in the province, some urban and some more remote, culture, art and gastronomy also add to its attractions.  Nature lovers will also greatly enjoy in Malaga because of the enormous landscape richness that hides inside. And for those who like the fresh and natural reinvented Mediterranean cuisine, nothing like going to the Matiz Malaga restaurant. Mediterranean gastronomy mix of tradition and avant-garde, raw material of the highest quality and Andalusian spirit, with nuances that make the difference. This is Matiz […]

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