stay homas

When the State of Alarm was announced throughout Spain on March 15, three musician friends who shared a flat in Barcelona set a goal for themselves. Compose a song a day and go out to the terrace of his apartment to play it. As many neighbors did on their balconies. Thus was born, spontaneously, Stay Homas. Stay Homas is made up of Klaus Stroink, voice actor as well as trumpeter for Nil Moliner, composer and member of Búhos; Rai Benet, who plays guitar in the videos but actually works as a bassist and shares the stage with Klaus in Búho and with Nil Moliner; and Guillem Boltó, trombonist and frontman of Doctor Prats, a band with 60,000 followers on Instagram. […]

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monitores activos krk rokit g4

Keith Klawitter was a sound engineer with years of experience in the film industry. He had worked in movies like “The Doors”. Frustrated that he couldn’t find a monitor that would give him the clarity and precision he was looking for, he started building his own monitors. Aswí, in 1986 founded KRK Systems, specialized in active monitors. Today, with its characteristic and well-known yellow woofer, KRK active monitors offer a natural and precise sound, offering a wide variety of models adapted to any type of need and budget. In today’s article we review the most outstanding KRK speakers from MicroFusa, the largest online store of musical material, the KRK RoKIT series. KRK RoKIT series For years, the Keith Klawitter brand […]

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In the world of music, Korg, the prestigious Japanese brand, since its foundation in the 1960s, has always been synonymous with innovation and quality. Although synthesizers have always been his passion, Korg also works with digital effects, recording equipment, electronic percussion, and software instruments. From the hand of microFusa, experts of this brand in our country, we will learn about the history and main products of this iconic brand. Two young people passionate about music Korg was born in 1962 in Tokyo from the hand of Tsutomu Kato and Tadashi Osanai. Kato ran a music club. Osanai was a college boy who played the accordion and played regularly at the Kato club with a Wurlitzer Sideman drum machine. Dissatisfied with […]

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Vuelve el Boing Fest!

The Boing Fest is back with a new edition that will not leave anyone indifferent. And it is presented with more activities, games and concerts than ever. There is also no shortage of favorite characters from Boingfest fans, such as Gumball, Darwin, Somos Osos, Las Supernenas, Ben 10, Finn, Jake and many more. After the success of its first edition, this festival on the Boing television channel will take place in Hall 6 of IFEMA in Madrid. There children and adults can enjoy an ideal space to share a weekend full of fun, games and dancing. The Bong Fest surpasses itself with this second edition, an event not to be missed where fun will be the absolute protagonist! The Boing […]

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Microfono Shure Beta 57A

When we talk about Shure we are talking about the history of the microphone and sound in general. And this brand has been a pioneer in research and development of sound capture and reproduction since they released their first model, the 55 Unidyne in 1939. A Shure microphone is synonymous with quality and reliability. It is the industry standard for beginners and professionals. You will find a Shure microphone suitable for your needs. Whether you need a voice or instrument microphone, battery or wireless microphones. From the hand of MicroFusa, one of the main suppliers of Shure material, we will know the main microphones of this great brand: Wireless Shure SM58 Microphone The Shure SM58 is the legendary microphone for […]

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It is really fascinating how our current cultural icons are formed. And a clear example of this is the Baby Shark phenomenon. If you are one of the few human beings on this planet who do not know him yet, I will put you in the background. Simplifying things a lot, Baby Shark is a viral YouTube video, a simple and repetitive children’s song with a fun, easy-to-follow choreography. It barely lasts more than two minutes and now it has become a musical and, they say, Netflix is going to turn it into a series. The origin of Baby Shark The didactic music of Baby Shark explains, in its scarce two minutes, the story of a family of sharks that […]

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