Disney On Ice celebrates its 100 years of magic in 2020

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True to his date with the illusion, Disney on Ice opens the year 2020 that is coming with a tour of Spain. Madrid, Barcelona and Seville will be the scene of the best Disney on Ice experience, celebrating its 100 years of magic.

The Disney ice show will star more than 50 unforgettable characters such as Donald, Goofy, Disney princesses, and Mickey as master of ceremonies. As a novelty, for the first time we can see the protagonists of Toy Story 4 sliding on ice: Buzz, Woody and Bo Peep and also Forky.

More than 30 unforgettable songs from the most endearing Disney movies can be heard in this show. Some of the best moments of films like Toy Story, Looking for Dory, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast will also be represented … The whole family will be captivated with Disney On Ice 2020, which in the celebration of its centenary will be more magical than never.

You can now buy Disney On Ice tickets through Proactiv, organizer of this event that promises to be one of the highlights of 2020.

The 2020 Disney ice show will be the best way to celebrate your anniversary

Disney On Ice and the work of acrobats

Disney On Ice Madrid, from February 27 to March 2, 2020, will mark the starting gun in our country. It will be followed by Disney On Ice Barcelona, from March 5 to 8, 2020, while from March 12 to 15 the show will take place in Seville.

But for the performance of ice fantasy par excellence to be carried out with all its magic, there is a great job behind. A large team of professionals are responsible for the dream to materialize from their efforts.

Gymnast skaters who perform stunts of all kinds, trainers, choreographers, lighting and sound technicians, designers, makeup artists … No doubt skaters take center stage. They are athletes who train the movements in pairs and strictly maintain their physical form. Gym, toning and workouts both cardio and squats or burpees, are part of the daily life of these acrobats. They also have to follow a balanced diet appropriate to their physical activity.

Most acrobats have experience in the competition of skating tournaments, although for them the Disney On Ice experience is different. The illusion that palpitates among the public is perceived by skaters, who end up fusing with the character they play.

Mickey will be the master of ceremonies at Disney On Ice 2020

The costumes of skaters: in the skin of the character

The costumes of this performance is a very important element, since it is what helps to recognize the characters. More than 600 meters of fabric and more than 1000 crystals or beads have been used in the design of the suits.

Keep in mind that it is a wardrobe that has to allow the necessary flexibility to skaters. In addition, they also have to favor the changes of lights that occur during the show, hence the profusion of beads and colors.

The team in charge of the costume design is also in charge of helping skaters quickly change between performances. Sometimes it must be done in just 30 seconds! Therefore, coordination is essential, since there is no time to lose and everything has to be perfect.

With the arrival of Christmas not far away, giving away Disney On Ice Barcelona tickets can also be an excellent option. The Disney On Ice tickets can now be purchased, now is the best time before they are sold out “by magic”, and never better.

Disney On Ice celebrates its 100 years of magic in 2020

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