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For Malaga signature cocktails, nothing like going through the Matiz restaurant

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Malaga is undoubtedly a city that invites exits and enjoyment. Go for tapas, discover the best of gastronomy, wine tourism … also the signature cocktails of Malaga. And is that one of the most desirable ways to conclude a day is to have a good cocktail in a special place.

For signature cocktails in Malaga in a special environment like few others, Matiz puts the icing on the cocktail … or whatever. But always with mastery, to the point that they make it possible to taste the best cocktails in the world without leaving Malaga.

Because to the taste for the careful nuances of this cocktail restaurant, other surprising details are added. For example, that some of the best cocktail bars in New York are installed in Matiz during seasons. Even with everything, in Matiz restaurant you can enjoy excellent cocktails at any time of the year: it is always a good time to toast.

It's always a good time to toast in a cocktail restaurant like Matiz.

Author cocktails in Malaga: creativity in the glass

Cocktail bars in Malaga there are a few, but a restaurant in Malaga positioned among the best and that is also cocktail bar, there are few. The Matiz cocktail restaurant stands out in that regard, in addition to having an award-winning chef as the best chef in Malaga. Some of their tapas have also been awarded, and their signature cocktails scale positions day by day.

To the variety and quality of the cocktails we must add the atmosphere and other nuances that accompany their cocktails from Thursday to Saturday. Cocktails in Málaga already has a synonym, and it’s called Matiz. Perfect creations for the aperitif and afterwork, which shared in a place of reference and meeting of the city have double incentive.

But although it seems surprising, the origin of the cocktail dates back no less than to ancient Greece. It arose when the Greeks began to mix the wine with different spices, honey or plants to improve its flavor and provide variety. However, the origin of the current cocktail creates a certain discursion: for some it is located in Mexico, others attribute it a French origin. Be that as it may, when the goal is a Malaga bar where you can enjoy tall cocktails, Matiz offers that and much more.

The "Cocktails in Málaga" are already another attraction of this beautiful city

The secret of a good cocktail

To make the experience of tasting a cocktail involved several factors. The first of these is the creativity of the person who prepares them: a cocktail shaker must be curious to drive him to discover. Use unknown quality ingredients, exotic flavors and amazing presentations, all aimed at making the cocktail a sensory experience. But to achieve this, it will be necessary to ensure that the balance between its ingredients is perfect.

As for the best time to have a cocktail, anyone is. A special occasion is not necessary, because an author cocktail is able to create it by itself.

For Malaga signature cocktails, nothing like going through the Matiz restaurant

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