The best red wines of Spain are part of the most select wineries in the world

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Spanish wines are usually among the best in the world. Making a selection of the best red wines in Spain is not an easy task, precisely because there are many. The favorable geographical configuration, the benevolent climate and the dedication of the winemaker and winemaker have much to do with it.

Some of the best red wines in Spain are part of the most select wineries in the world. In addition to the quality and characteristics of each wine, it also influences its bottling and the design of its labeling. The different types of wine will also influence when choosing: young, young oak, aging, reserve or large reserve.

The best red wines of Spain can be taken alone or pairing dishes

Since the wine culture is on the rise, it is increasingly common to enjoy a glass of red wine alone. In summer they become more appetizing are young red wines, some of which can be cooled a little. The ideal temperature would be 14 to 15 degrees, so you don’t lose the taste.

We will meet some of the best wines in Spain, especially red wines, which are also suitable for summer.

The best red wines of Spain: the youngest

The young red wine is one that has not been in the barrel, or has spent very little time in it. They are consumed in the same year of their production, or at most two years. They are usually fruity and floral aroma, ideal for snack or summer. The Artadi young wine 2017 can be a good example of excellent young Spanish red wine. The Finca Resalso 2018, from Bodegas Emilio Moro, is another example of young wine that is easy to drink, fresh and of great international success.

Another type of wine is the semi-aging young red wine or Oak, which spends less than six months in the barrel. La Vendimia 2017 is a good example of young red wine aged in 5 month oak barrels. It is fruity, juicy and fresh at the same time.

Bierzo grapes give rise to some of the best red wines in Spain

The Val de los Frailes, Roble 2016, somewhat more complex than the wine described above, is a balanced and harmonious semi-aging. Another young Bierzo wine is the Petit Pittacum 2017, which has barely passed 3 months in the barrel. It is a very fruity wine, with a light touch of wood and soft on the palate, pairing with rice, mushrooms and fish.

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The aging, reserve and grand reserve reds

  Red aging wines have to age a minimum of 24 months, 6 of them in oak barrels. A 100% Tempranillo Ribera del Duero wine of the most recognized in Spain is the Matarromera crianza 2016. It is a very award-winning classic, fruity, powerful and elegant.

A magnificent example of reserve red wine is the Protos Reserva 2006. After spending 18 months in the barrel and another 24 in the bottle, it is a charismatic, velvety, elegant and balanced wine.

The best red wines of Spain are part of the most select wineries in the world

And as an example red star Gran Reserva, one of the best in Spain is the Cune Imperial Gran Reserva 2012. With 36 months sleeping in the barrel and 48 more dreaming in the bottle, its grape varieties are Graciano, Tempranillo and Mazuelo. A wine made by hand, silky, powerful, friendly, this red is impossible to go unnoticed. Like most of the best red wines in Spain: discovering them means not forgetting them.

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