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If your gold garments look a little dull, like opaque, do not worry. It is something usual for gold jewelry. But it has a remedy! And you do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive jewelry cleaners to get them to shine again. We have spoken with our friends at Laguarda, our reference online jewelry store in Barcelona, and they have given us some tips to clean our gold garments with some simple homemade tricks.

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For this simple trick we will need:

Liquid dishwashing detergent
A bowl of warm water (better is gasified water without sodium or carbonated water).
A soft bristle toothbrush
A pasta strainer or a metal coffee filter (optional)
A soft cloth
We start by pouring a few drops of the detergent into the bowl with the warm water. Then we soak the gold garments in the solution. A while later we rub each gold jewel separately with the toothbrush, paying special attention to the corners and crevices.

When we finished, we went to rinse. We can do it in the sink making sure to cover the drain well or with a strainer or a filter. And finally, we dry them with the soft cloth.

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We must be careful to use ammonia. It is a very powerful cleaner and we must avoid using it too often we could wear our gold garments. It is ideal for occasional deep cleansing.

We will need:

Protective gloves
A saucepan
A kitchen strainer
A soft cloth
The first thing that we must take into account, is that this method is not suitable for gold garments with platinum or pearls as it could damage them.

We will start by adding a part of ammonia in the saucepan for six parts of water, stirring it well. When we have it well mixed, we will place the jewels in the colander and soak them in the mixture for no more than a minute. Then rinse with plenty of running water. And, to finish, we dry them with the soft cloth.

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This method must also be used with care. The chemicals in toothpaste can leave a film on gold and stones and even scratch gold and silver.

To get it going, we will need:

A container
A soft bristle toothbrush
As in the previous methods, we started mixing in the container, in this case, ½ cm of toothpaste with a tablespoon or two of water. Then mix until you have a light paste. We impregnate the toothbrush and delicately rub the jewels. And, we ended up with a generous water rinse.

We hope these tricks are really useful to you. And, you know that if you are looking to buy jewelry online you just have to take a look at the Laguarda website. You will find incredible things with unbeatable prices.

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