relojes grand seiko

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Our friends from Laguarda, the best online jewelry store in Barcelona, reminded us a few days ago that not long ago the 20th anniversary of the appearance of Grand Seiko watches was celebrated. And as among the collectors of quality watches there is always the absurd controversy surrounding these popular pieces, it has seemed a good idea to make an article about it. Can we consider high-level Grand Seiko watches such as Omega or Rolex?

relojes grand seiko

Let’s examine the Grand Seiko watches

Looking at the Grand Seiko watches up close, we immediately noticed how the boxes are worked. They are complex and with many faces. And Seiko uses it to alternate a very fine satin with mirror polished surfaces. A polishing done following the ancient Japanese technique of zaratsu. The same one that was used to polish the katanas. The result is a perfect reflection, without distortions. Something that can not be seen in the watches of the price of the Grand Seiko.

If we continue with the spheres, we will see that their bases always have nuances that are sometimes not visible to the naked eye. White is not white. Due to a subtle vertical satin that produces a curious light effect. Although its most prominent feature is the Spring Drive Snow Flake. The surfaces of the dials of Grand Seiko watches are based on the snow seen in the mountains surrounding the facilities where they are manufactured.

Another mythical feature of these jewels is their hands. They are not only faceted. They are also polished like scalpels. A perfect polish, with reflections if distortion. Like the indexes. So you get a watch that captures and reflects the light much better.

grand seiko

The Grand Seiko movement

One of the best qualities of Seiko watches is their movement. For its manufacture, Seiko uses the MEMS technique. The same microelectricomechanical systems that are used for the manufacture of semiconductors. This way parts with tolerances of thousandths of a millimeter are obtained, or that the steering wheel is regulated to one thousandth of a gram. In this way, your balance is perfect, use less energy and have a greater reserve of power.

On the other hand, Grand Seiko watches have traditional mechanical calipers. But they also have what they call Hi-Beat, a caliber that moves at 36,000 alternations / hour. In addition, all Seiko watches are regulated at -3 / + 5 seconds a day, when the parameters of the COSC chronometers are -4 / +6.

Although the supermum in the construction of movement is the Sping Drive, an innovative caliber that achieves an accuracy of one second a day.

relojes grand seiko

Seiko watches in Laguarda

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