zapatillas buffalo

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Are you a fan of Buffalo sneakers? You know, those sneakers with a design so characteristic and innovative that they were so fashionable in the 90’s. The Buffalo platforms that made famous stars like the Spice Girls, Madonna or Cher. Those platforms so excessive, those cords and those velcro.

The Buffalo sneakers at that time were called Buffalo Classic. Since then they were a cult but now they have returned with more strength than ever as Buffalo London shoes. With the same spirit of then but with even more extreme and bold designs.

Our friends of Corbeto’s Boots are distributors of Buffalo sneakers in our country and today they are going to tell us about the latest news. If you already knew Buffalo shoes, get ready to enjoy the new models that are coming. If you still did not know how flip-flopped are the buffalo sneakers, get ready to hallucinate.

zapatillas buffalo

Buffalo sneakers leather U.S. Flag

Who does not want to live the American dream? With its thick design, this white platform shoe will fulfill your dreams (fashionable). With a faithful inspiration of the stars and stripes of the Star-Spangled Banner, it has a red, white and blue design. And with its platform sole and its height of 4.8 cm, you’ll be a little closer to the stars!

plataformas buffalo

Buffalo Classic Fur Black White Shoes

With a modern and contrasting zebra look, this thick platform shoe is exoticly animalistic and impresses not only with its soft and extremely elegant faux fur trim on the top, but also with the extremely thick platform sole of 4.8 cm with a striking tread. Only with that, you have definitely found your favorite for next season!

bambas bufalo

Buffalo Fur Trimming Brow-White Platforms

Give him a cane, cowgirl! The 90s are back and thanks to the retro trend they also bring platform shoes! This Buffalo sneakers stands out for its printed leather trim, which resembles cow spots. The sole has a matching color detail.

buffalo blancas

Buffalo White Glitter

Surely these shoes will make you the queen of the dance floor: the white Buffalo shoes that convince not only with an elegant color, but also with excellent details that turn a simple shoe into a show! It also includes glamorous glitter effects and a wide platform sole.

Buffalo Classic

Buffalo Classic Leather Black with Neon Yellow

Impressive remake of a 90’s Buffalo Classic cult model. A new design with neon yellow details that enhance the dark top.

zapatillas buffalo

Buffalo Sneakers High Black Matte

You will aim high with this expressive high platform shoe. Its highest cut offers you the style improvement you were waiting for! The highlight of the design is undoubtedly the 6 cm high platform sole. The matte black leather exterior material will also show you as an expert in the field of fashion.

And you know that if you are looking for your Buffalo shoes you just have to take a look at the Corbeto’s Boots website, Buffalo London store in Spain.

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