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In the world of cocktails, it is growing by the day by day, which is why the concept of restaurant cocktails is establishing itself as a rising value. The cocktail bar can be divided into classic or signature, the last of the modalities, that is, signature cocktails, the one that arouses the most interest in these times. Signature cocktails allow a great display of creativity and the possibility of discovering new flavors.

Signature cocktails in Malaga, like those that can be tasted at the Matiz cocktail restaurant, are created using the latest techniques in gastronomy and technology. It is about developing new flavors from the modification of liqueurs and distillates, obtaining surprising results. Non-alcoholic cocktails can also be created from fruit or vegetable drinks. even a mixture of both.

If it is true that any time of the year is good to enjoy a good signature cocktail, when summer arrives and in an environment like Malaga, the experience has two incentives. In the Matiz cocktail restaurant, in the center, they make Malaga cocktails transform any moment so special that it deserves a toast

The secrets of a cocktail restaurant like Matiz

Since it opened in April 2018, Matiz has made a place for himself among the best restaurants in Malaga. And it did so by offering a new concept of gastronomic space based on a differentiated proposal, based on sensations and emotions. For this it has the backing of an excellent team of professionals, a top quality raw material, and a very special environment. Located in the historic center, the Matiz shines with its own light for the quality and variety of its cocktails, decoration, setting and care for all details.

There is one thing that the professionals of the Matiz cocktail restaurant know very well, and that is that the client seeks micro experiences, also in the cocktail. For this reason, the Matiz bartender makes her creations based on the philosophy of the house, based on getting a touch or nuance that sets them apart from the rest. New aromas, details, textures, colors, always making the best of what is basic, is already exquisite.

This alchemy is achieved by the Matiz bartender just as a chef would do by deftly adding salt to his dishes, little by little. Adding the different ingredients, measuring, contrasting and innovating at the same time, until obtaining a unique cocktail, full of art, like Malaga land.

The importance of raw materials

Another fundamental element to value in a Malaga cocktail bar like Matiz’s is that the quality of the ingredients is excellent. This maxim must be respected in the cocktail bar as well as in the kitchen. If to prepare quality dishes it is necessary to have the best material that guarantees the good taste of the composition, with cocktails the same thing happens. For example, the quality of the fruit greatly influences the flavor of the cocktail mix. And with the rest of the ingredients the same happens, since the skill of the bartender is of little use if he does not have raw material that is at the height of his skills.

For this reason, choosing to toast with a cocktail in Matiz, is a guarantee is a guarantee of success and enjoyment in every way. Because they do not leave even the smallest details to chance: it is the only way to turn the normal into the extraordinary. Cocktail shops in Malaga there are many, but capable of creating an experience every time you ask for a signature cocktail from them … that’s a matter of Matiz.

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