Miraculous Ladybug, a worldwide phenomenon Now live!

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Miraculous Ladybug, the children’s series that sweeps the world for the first time comes to Europe, making the screen jump to the stage.

The series created by Thomas Astruc and produced by Jeremy Zag began airing in France on October 19, 2015 on the French channel TF1. Since then its popularity has only grown, more than 60 episodes have been broadcast and there have been three seasons and reaching agreements for the distribution of the series with such important platforms as Disney Channel and Netflix.

Now he arrives in Madrid from December 21 to 29, 2019 with his live musical ready to conquer the imaginary and the hearts of both adults and children. You can find the online tickets entered on the Proactiv website.

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And what is Ladybug about?

In case anyone still doesn’t know what Miraculous Ladybug is about, I update you. The series is set in Paris and tells the story of two 14-year-olds: Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. Both are classmates and lead a normal life, like that of any teenager, but when evil threatens the city they have the ability to become superheroes thanks to some jewels called “prodigies” and the creatures that are associated with them, “Kwanis.”

Marinette becomes the heroine Ladybug, thanks to the earrings associated with the Kwani Tikki, which grant her the power of creation. Adrien, on the other hand, is transformed into Cat Noir with the help of the Kwami Plagg and a ring with the power of destruction. Their superhero costumes increase their physical abilities and also gives them a weapon and a special ability. Together they must face the plans of the evil Lepidoptera, who takes advantage of the anger and the mixed feelings of Parisians to turn them into villains at their command, through butterfly-shaped demons. His great goal is to steal the prodigies from our heroes and impose his will.

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The success of Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug

The series has become a global phenomenon, currently has more than 230 licenses worldwide. Some of the keys to this success lie in the adventures of these characters that engage young and not so small, another of the pillars of success is that the protagonists are young people who go to class, something that makes the little ones feel identified. To these elements we must add the love story between the protagonists and the commitment to give prominence to a girl, which is refreshing, in addition to reflecting the feeling of society and the “girl power” completing the formula that has catapulted the series at these levels of popularity.

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What can we expect from Miraculous, the Ladybug show?

Such is the boom that the platform to buy tickets online Proactiv and Planeta Junior have decided to produce a musical about it. A musical that will arrive for the first time in Europe with an original script created solely and exclusively for the show. In the show we will have the opportunity to see all the protagonists of the series: Ladybug, Cat Noir, Chloe, Sabrina and many others. Of course, the show will feature the presence of Tikki, Plagg and the evil Lepidoptera who will make his own akumatizing someone to make him the villain of the show.

Enjoy a family show, a show full of scenic flights, moments full of magic and spectacular fights, do not hesitate because you can buy your tickets online at proactiv.es.

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