Salicornia restaurant in Mallorca

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The summers months the island of Mallorca becomes a powerful claim in the Mediterranean. The same happens with the Salicornia de Mallorca restaurant: it is located in Colonia de Sant Jordi, a magnificent enclave on the island. The attractions of the area are many and varied: wonderful beaches, landscape, nature, sport, culture …

You can not miss the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine offered by restaurants in Colonia de Sant Jordi. The Salicornia de Mallorca restaurant is one of the most prominent, as it offers much more than purely Mediterranean dishes. Salicornia masterfully merges the best of the seafood gastronomic tradition with the most innovative avant-garde.

One of the rice dishes of the Salicornia restaurant

But an enclave as attractive as Colonia Sant Jordi can be very attractive outside. Enjoy a cocktail on a terrace facing the sea, let yourself be carried away by the conversation, without hurry, rocked by the breeze. This also makes possible the Salicornia restaurant and its terrace overlooking the sea, an irresistible attraction.

Surrounded by a generous nature, bathed by beautiful beaches and dotted with historical monuments, Colonia Sant Jordi has a lot to offer. Its restaurants too, because Mallorcan cuisine is another pearl comparable to the island itself.

Eat well while enjoying the marine atmosphere: the Salicornia restaurant in Mallorca.

A stay in Colonia de Sant Jordi can give much of itself. From enjoying its beaches either for sunbathing or water sports, to hiking or excursions.

The underwater bottom of the area will delight snorkeling or diving enthusiasts, and boat trips are another attraction. Nature lovers can enjoy it at its best by visiting the Cabrera National Park, near the Colony.

Restaurants in Colonia de Sant Jordi with terrace

 You can also easily access other representative places on the island, such as Manacor, Valldemosa, Puerto de Soller and Palma. Shopping, doing some cultural visit or enjoying a show are viable being located in Colonia Sant Jordi. In addition to the offers of the colony itself, its excellent location allows easy access to other places and environments. Although the area does not lack ingredients to not move from it, from its soft sand beaches to its restaurants.

A restaurant in Mallorca to understand the soul of the island

Mallorca is an island with a marine spirit that does not lack elegance and a particular personality. Something that reflects in their dishes the restaurants of Colonia de Sant Jordi, especially Salicornia. Its seafood cuisine is intended to shake the senses and raise the flavors to excellence. And it does it with the freshest proximity and season products, made in an innovative way respecting the best of tradition.

Restaurante Salicornia en Mallorca

Using charcoals to cook their dishes, rice and fideuás, as well as fish and shellfish, acquire another dimension.

An incomparable place like Colonia de Sant Jordi could not be a better place for a unique restaurant like Salicornia. And is that the island of Mallorca always reserves surprises that wait patiently to be discovered.

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