maluma se agradece

Maluma, Rosalía and many more international artists meet on May 30 in a great event with the aim of recovering Mexico from the coronavirus crisis. The pandemic caused by the virus has made us face the most difficult moments for our society. That is why it is important, more than ever, to show our appreciation to all those who struggle daily to save lives and to get us ahead. Under this idea, “Se Agradece” brings together Maluma, Rosalía and many more international stars in a unique festival. What artists will perform in “Se Agracece” In addition to the aforementioned Maluma and Rosalía, “Se Agracece” will be an unprecedented event that will include the presence of artists such as Alejandro Sanz, […]

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miraculous ladybug Thomas Astruc

As you know, in a few days the live show of Miraculous Ladybug opens. It is in Madrid between 21 and 29 and you can buy tickets online on the website of Proactiv, promoter of the event. But today we are going to talk about the Ladybug Madrid event. Precisely, today we are going to dedicate some lines to the mind behind the television phenomenon of the moment, its creator Thomas Astruc. So be prepared that we will tell you everything we know about the creative genius of one of the most successful series. A fan of comics Born on January 18, 1975 in Paris, as explained by the creator of Ladybug on occasion, his passion for gender inherited him […]

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The evolution of the female fashion

The invented body analyzes the path of fashion and the body of women during the last 100 years

One of the exhibits about women’s fashion that is giving more talk is The invented body. The exhibition premiered on September 12 in the Sala Azteca, former Mapfre function, Madrid, and can be visited until December 15, 2019. This exhibition is an interesting journey of more than 100 years of evolution of the figure and silhouette Feminine, through fashion. The canons of beauty have varied over time and different cultures around the world. Various factors influenced them, ranging from economic to political, through social and artistic. And it is that fashion is still a reflection of the moment that society is going through. The concept of fashion began in the Renaissance, and was even at the beginning of sewing as […]

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Comprar entradas online en Proactiv también supone beneficiarse de los mejores descuentos.

When you want and from wherever you want, not worrying about queuing or traveling, are some of the main advantages of buying tickets online. Instantly, with peace of mind and absolute security, buying tickets through the internet has been a long-standing option. In addition, with total guarantee that from the moment you buy tickets online, they are reserved for you. At least if you buy it, you make it through Proactiv, a leading company in designing, organizing and producing entertainment, as a unique experience. In addition to the promotion, organization and communication of shows and events, Proactiv is also responsible for the integral management of sales. Through its website, where they announce events and shows, tickets can be purchased to […]

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From the past September 12 until December 15 takes place in the Sala Azca, Old Mapfre Foundation of Madrid, the exhibition The Invented Body, about the figure and the female silhouette through a journey of more than 100 years of Fashion’s history. You can buy your tickets online on the Proactiv website, but first we will explain something more about this fascinating exhibition. The Invented Body, the female figure through the history of fashion Beauty is a cultural concept that has evolved over the years. The beauty canon has been determined in each era by economic, social, political and artistic factors. In the case of women, the female body has been living – and suffering on many occasions – these […]

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Miraculous Ladybug, a worldwide phenomenon Now live!

Miraculous Ladybug, the children’s series that sweeps the world for the first time comes to Europe, making the screen jump to the stage. The series created by Thomas Astruc and produced by Jeremy Zag began airing in France on October 19, 2015 on the French channel TF1. Since then its popularity has only grown, more than 60 episodes have been broadcast and there have been three seasons and reaching agreements for the distribution of the series with such important platforms as Disney Channel and Netflix. Now he arrives in Madrid from December 21 to 29, 2019 with his live musical ready to conquer the imaginary and the hearts of both adults and children. You can find the online tickets entered […]

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As you know, Barcelona was selected as the first city in Europe to host the traveling exhibition Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience. An incredible interactive exhibition created by the experts of the Van Gogh Museum with the aim of spreading the life and work of the artist. It started on March 14, and after some intense weeks with a great success of visitors, next June 2 will end. So run to buy your tickets for the Vincent Van Gogh Experience if you do not want to miss a unique opportunity! Do not forget that you can buy tickets on the Proactiv website one of the best online ticket sales sites. WHAT WE CAN FIND AT MEET VINCENT VAN GOGH EXPERIENCE Designed by the […]

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