How to clean gold jewelry effectively

Today we are going to talk about how we should clean our gold jewelry in an effective way with the help of our friends from Laguarda. We already know that jewelry can become one of the most valuable and important objects we have. Not only because we like the jewel itself, but because of the sentimental value to which most of them are tied. The clear example is wedding rings. Our engagement ring is a jewel that will accompany us every day, so it is very important that we devote special care to our jewels and that we have all the necessary information about what is the best way to treat them. Gold is one of the toughest metals that […]

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relojes seiko

If you like watches, you will surely have heard about Seiko Sumo watches. Belonging to the Prospex family, it is a mid-range automatic diving watch that enjoys fame and recognition of much more valuable pieces. It is a battle watch, water resistant to 200 meters and with ISO 6425 certificate, but with an appearance closer to the expensive Marine Master series. From the hand of Laguarda Joiers, the best online watchmaking in Barcelona, we will know the reason for the fame of these Seiko watches. Seiko Sumo Watches: Technical Specifications Origin: Japanese Crystal Type: Hardlex Crystal Visualization: Analog with fluorescent lumens on needles and markers Case material: Stainless Steel Belt material: Plastic resin or Steel, depending on the model Diameter: […]

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In the digital era, from our homes we can perform all kinds of steps that previously involved moving. From any procedure with the different administrations to the weekly purchase, through the download of music or watching movies online. But what about the jewelry? Well, the truth is that online jewelry is trendy. To understand why we talk with our friends of Laguarda, the best online jewelry we know and experts in online diamond sales. Why online jewelry is trendy Because you can order your jewelry from the comfort of your home As our friends at Laguarda Joiers, the best jewelry in Barcelona, explain to us, this is one of the main reasons. Online jewelry makes everything much simpler: you choose […]

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