A place to merge with the Mediterranean environment in the most pleasant way you can imagine, savoring seafood cuisine as if you were at home. There where from the first moment you feel that you are welcomed in a natural, relaxed and cared for way. This is the Salicornia restaurant located in one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca, next to Colonia de Sant Jordi. Probably the ideal place to enjoy the most authentic seafood cuisine on the island, based on fresh, local and seasonal produce. Native products such as fish, meats, vegetables, cheeses, olives and wines, which confer the characteristic personality of the places caressed by the sea, the sun, and protected by the good land. But in […]

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terraza colonia sant jordi

Colonia Sant Jordi, formerly a small traditional fishing village, is currently one of the most important tourist centers on the island of Mallorca. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the best terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi, the place from which you can not only enjoy the best views but also enjoy the best seafood cuisine in Mallorca. And where is the best terrace of Colonia Sant Jordi? The answer is simple. In our favorite place on the island, the Salicornia Restaurant, the best restaurant in Colonia Sant Jordi. Colonia Sant Jordi, a charming place Located practically on the southernmost tip of the island of Mallorca, in the municipality of Ses Salines, the Colonia Sant Jordi complex is […]

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What does Salicornia restaurant offer?

Las tapas y apertivos del Salicornia son otros de los alicientes que ofrece este espacio gastronómico

The Salicornia restaurant is one of the top representatives of the seafood cuisine of the island of Mallorca. Located in a privileged place such as Colonia de Sant Jordi, next to an old fishing port, the Salicornia restaurant is like a lighthouse that attracts the traveler. Its cuisine, based on a fusion between the local seafaring tradition and the avant-garde, remains open throughout the day. Their dishes are mainly composed of the best local and seasonal products, cooked in charcoal embers with expert hand and pampering. Salicornia is widely known as a seafood restaurant in Mallorca located in a privileged natural environment, and for the gastronomic proposal it offers. By selecting the highest quality local products on a daily basis, […]

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We have often told you about one of our favorite restaurants in Mallorca, the Salicornia Restaurant, a place to enjoy authentic seafood cuisine in a colorful and pleasant atmosphere. But today we want to tell you about a very special aspect of this restaurant in Mallorca, of its fantastic terrace, the best terrace in Mallorca. And you already know that we are very fans of Salicornia Restaurant. So in today’s article we will explain why we believe it has, not the best terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi, but the best terrace in Mallorca. Salicornia restaurant, a privileged location As sure you already know that if you are following this blog, Salicornia Restaurant has an incomparable location that makes it one […]

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In the middle of summer with August just around the corner and the holidays looming, it is a great time to talk about one of the most popular destinations to spend these days: the island of Mallorca. Although we are going to limit ourselves to rambling, today we are going to tell you about the best restaurants in Mallorca. Many things can be done on the island: sunbathing, bathing on its beaches, enjoying the nights, its nightclubs. But you can also enjoy the magnificent cuisine of the island. And what better way to do it in the best restaurants in Mallorca. The best restaurants in Mallorca 2019: Skalop Years ago it started being another place to eat well. Now it […]

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Salicornia restaurant in Mallorca

The summers months the island of Mallorca becomes a powerful claim in the Mediterranean. The same happens with the Salicornia de Mallorca restaurant: it is located in Colonia de Sant Jordi, a magnificent enclave on the island. The attractions of the area are many and varied: wonderful beaches, landscape, nature, sport, culture … You can not miss the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine offered by restaurants in Colonia de Sant Jordi. The Salicornia de Mallorca restaurant is one of the most prominent, as it offers much more than purely Mediterranean dishes. Salicornia masterfully merges the best of the seafood gastronomic tradition with the most innovative avant-garde. But an enclave as attractive as Colonia Sant Jordi can be very attractive outside. Enjoy […]

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