Restaurant "Matiz" participates with its cover in the route "Malaga de tapeo"

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One of the most distinctive details of Spanish cuisine are tapas, dinner tapas in Malaga has added incentive. Located in a privileged natural enclave bathed by the Mediterranean and surrounded by mountains, Malaga is the fifth city of Spain in number of inhabitants.

City of enormous tourist attraction for its rich natural and cultural heritage, in Malaga there are always things to discover. The stately Malaga, the seaside neighborhoods, the soho of the arts, monuments, shows, nightlife … Dinner tapas in Malaga is also a must in this beautiful city, where sharing moments in good company is typical of its people.

The origin of the tapas tradition is somewhat uncertain, and there are several hypotheses. One of them points out that at the time of the Catholic Monarchs, they forced to serve the drink accompanied by food. The reason was none other than to counteract the effects of alcohol and thus avoid altercations. Another hypothesis points out that the taverns of antiquity accompanied the salty food drink to make their customers more thirsty. Reality, fiction or a little of both? The truth is that tapas, today, in addition to being common in our country, is also a pleasure.

Tapas in Malaga with nuances that make a difference

Whatever the origin of tapas, today they are associated with fun and making social life in a delicious way. And if it is tapas Malaga, little more can be asked, unless the tapas are made in the Matiz restaurant. In addition to being listed as one of the best restaurants in Malaga, it stands out as a gastrobar and cocktail bar, all in one place. Matiz tapas, like their dishes, are made with seasonal ingredients and proximity, and are a fusion of tradition and modernity.

Apparently Matiz may seem the same or similar to other restaurants. But what sets them apart from the rest are the nuances that add to everything they do, from their tapas to their more elaborate dishes. Even their cocktails have something different, always based on quality and creativity, but with respect for the best of tradition.

 In fact, Matiz usually participates in the “Málaga de Tapeo” route, whose theme this year is travel. It does it with its “Newly landed” cover, created specifically for this tapas route. This cover is probably a nod to the many travelers who visit Malaga, and do not miss the opportunity to taste their excellent tapas.

Tapas in Malaga is always a special experience if done in Matiz

Matiz’s details

The creation of Matiz tapas are characterized by getting an ingredient to vary without disappearing its original flavor. This means taking full advantage of the first quality products selected with care for all your creations. Innovation, perfection and passion for a job well done, result in wonderful tapas that place tapas Malaga in an enviable position.

Of course, the best way to discover it is to try the tapas of the Matiz restaurant, a guarantee that the visit to Malaga leaves us with a “good taste”. And also, full of nuances.

Restaurant "Matiz" participates with its cover in the route "Malaga de tapeo"

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