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Nowadays, a disc jockey, also known by the abbreviation DJ, has a wide variety of options to carry out his profession. From a laptop to DJ decks. 

Many of today’s DJs prefer to play vinyl with turntables or turntables. The first DJ turntable in the sound industry was the Technics Sl-1200, used in radio stations as well as in any DJ booth in the world. 

Dj’s still prefer this Dj system for its feel and touch, whether it’s for playing music with conventional vinyl or with modern timecode systems. 

MicroFusa, a shop specialising in music technology products, offers DJ decks from top brands such as Audio Technica or Pioneer Dj, which are perfectly adapted to the needs and wishes of every DJ.

DJ decks: Quality and sound

Pioneer plx 1000

The Pioneer plx 1000 DJ turntable is designed for professional DJ use. Its appearance intentionally replicates that of the legendary Technics SL-1200MK2 turntables, which went out of production in 2010.

Its functions are also similar to those of the SL-1200MK2: it plays vinyl records at 33 and 45 revolutions. It has a counterweighted and height-adjustable S-arm, as well as an anti-skate function.

On the Pioneer plx 100, the change of functions comes in its pitch control range; it retains the classic +/-8% range, but you can also choose ranges of 16 and 50%. To cope with these ranges, the Dj cymbal’s motor is stronger than the Technics Dj cymbals, with a torque of 4.5kg/cm.

The layout of the controls follows much the same pattern as the Technics and almost any subsequent cymbal. In the bottom left corner is a round Start/Stop button that looks just like the iconic CDJ player button.

Pioneer plx 500

This DJ turntable is designed to play vinyl perfectly, with the latest playback technology and the highest quality guaranteed by this renowned brand.

The Pioneer plx 500 is ideal for the apprentice or the music lover, the PLX 500 offers options and advantages like any other DJ turntable.

With the exception of the source, the arm and the tilt control, this DJ turntable is made almost entirely of very rigid plastic material. 

In terms of sound, the Pioneer plx 500 reproduces the sound in high quality, due to the distortion reduction system that eliminates any noise generated by the needle and vinyl.

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