Tissot watches incorporate advanced features and a meticulous design

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A watch is the jewel or complement in which the importance of design goes hand in hand with utility. The watch brand will also give us many clues about what we can expect from it in all aspects. And depending on our expectations and possibilities, we will opt for one brand or another.

Tissot watches, Maserati watches, Junghans watches … there are as many options as doubts may arise. But regardless of what we look for and our tastes, a watch is always expected to be trusted. Again, the watch brand will guide us a lot about it.

For example, Tissot watches are usually a highly valued option, and there is no reason to do so. The Swiss brand incorporates the + sign in its logo as a symbol of quality and reliability, demonstrated since 1853.

Another very attractive option is Maserati watches, a car brand synonymous with luxury, excellence and quality, which also manufactures watches. There are many well-known and prestigious brands, so sometimes it is not easy to decide.

The trust factor is also essential in a jewelry store that understands and advises us, as in the watchmaking of Barcelona Laguarda. An expert jeweler knows brands and their peculiarities perfectly, and their orientation can be really valuable.

A watch is the jewel or complement in which the design goes hand in hand with the utility

Tissot watches: the Swiss always lives up to the circumstances

True to its motto “Innovators by Tradition”, the Swiss brand incorporates special materials, advanced functions and meticulousness in its design. Tissot watches are of such caliber that they have been recognized in countless occasions. Tissot was appointed timekeeper and Official Partner in basketball, cycling, motor sports and rugby. Also Official Timekeeper of the World Fencing and Ice Hockey Championships and the AFL.

The Swiss brand presents a wide variety of models, from the most innovative to the most classic. Like the traditional Tissot Tradition Quartz, with brown leather strap. The Tissot Sport PRS 200 is a totally different model, with two-tone silver and gold stainless steel bracelet. It has add and split functions, 30 minutes and tenth of a second counters. In Laguarda Joyeros they are official distributors of Tissot, and they have a very wide range of their models. They also offer the possibility to buy Tissot watches online.

A watch is a key accessory in a person's attire

Other Swiss brands to keep in mind

Certina watches are also famous for their reliability, precision and sporty design. The Swiss brand is backed by 130 years of history, with a well deserved reputation for quality. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary the Swiss brand has launched the Certina DS1 Gent Powermatic. It is a model that combines elegance and sportiness, with Milanese steel mesh bracelet and magnificent green dial.

Victorinox watches, another Swiss brand, go through more than 100 quality controls before going on sale. They are watches created and designed to achieve the maximum balance between elegance and performance. Like the Victorinox Maverick chrono, with a blue chronograph dial and a two-tone stainless steel bracelet.

 In Laguarda Joyeros advise and report all the characteristics of Victorinox watches, which have different models. It is also an excellent option to buy Maserati watches, buy Junghans watches or buy Seiko watches online. The purchase can be made directly through its website, where they have a catalog with prices and fast and professional delivery service.

Tissot watches incorporate advanced features and a meticulous design

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