The evolution of the female fashion

The invented body analyzes the path of fashion and the body of women during the last 100 years

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One of the exhibits about women’s fashion that is giving more talk is The invented body. The exhibition premiered on September 12 in the Sala Azteca, former Mapfre function, Madrid, and can be visited until December 15, 2019. This exhibition is an interesting journey of more than 100 years of evolution of the figure and silhouette Feminine, through fashion.

The canons of beauty have varied over time and different cultures around the world. Various factors influenced them, ranging from economic to political, through social and artistic. And it is that fashion is still a reflection of the moment that society is going through.

The concept of fashion began in the Renaissance, and was even at the beginning of sewing as a profession. From that moment on, some styles have remained in time for few variations until today, others however, were passengers.

In the exhibition The invented body, from which it is possible to buy tickets online, is the story of the beauty of the female costume during the last 100 years. An entire analysis of the way in which the female body has been drawn during that time, reflecting the evolution of both fashion and women.

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Marilyn Monroe was an icon that marked aesthetic references in her time

The analysis of fashion and women in “The invented body”.

It has always been commented that women have had to suffer directly from the consequences of following fashion. Remember the famous corsets of the past, which caused not a few fainting by cutting the breath of many women trying to get a wasp waist. And it is that the woman’s body, or the canons of beauty, have varied over time along with fashion.

This exhibition also analyzes the evolution of the drawing of the woman’s body during the last 100 years, coinciding with the end of World War I. In the 20s it was stretched, the refined cut of the costumes also represented freedom and fun, celebrating the end of the war. The corset was definitely relegated to give way to loose dresses, low heels and fringes, also raising the hem over the ankle.

During the 1930s, it was when women began wearing pants, Coco Chanel being their precursor, and also, for many, who dressed the New Woman. It was precisely she who declared war on the corset, and in addition to the pants she established the haircut to the garçon.

Audrey Hepburn, Muse of Givenchy, an icon of chic elegance

From Marilyn to Lady Gaga

In the following decades, and to this day, women’s fashion and body continued their even evolution. From the ultra femininity of Chistian Dior to the hidden body proposed by Balenciaga, all styles have been explored. Also the nude that you saw the woman, the necklines, the miniskirt and the transparencies.

From the mythical and voluptuous Marilyn Monroe, through the chic elegance of Audrey Hepburn, and reaching the irreverent Lady Gaga of our day, fashion has continued a fascinating journey. As well as women who have marked aesthetic references at the time, in addition to those already mentioned.

Equally fascinating is this exhibition, so the entrances of the Body invented in Madrid are an opportunity to take a tour of beauty, from the past to the present day. More than 80 original dresses in 100 years of female silhouette attest to this.


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