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When the State of Alarm was announced throughout Spain on March 15, three musician friends who shared a flat in Barcelona set a goal for themselves. Compose a song a day and go out to the terrace of his apartment to play it. As many neighbors did on their balconies. Thus was born, spontaneously, Stay Homas.

Stay Homas is made up of Klaus Stroink, voice actor as well as trumpeter for Nil Moliner, composer and member of Búhos; Rai Benet, who plays guitar in the videos but actually works as a bassist and shares the stage with Klaus in Búho and with Nil Moliner; and Guillem Boltó, trombonist and frontman of Doctor Prats, a band with 60,000 followers on Instagram. The three have shared a flat in the Eixample of Barcelona for a few months before the confinement began.

Stay homas

The Stay Homas phenomenon

Stay Homas is a pun on the English expression “stay home”, that is to say “stay at home”. Their first song, “Confinement” was released on March 14 from Rai Benet’s Instagram channel. The next day, on the 15th, they posted the second, “Confinament” on Boltó’s account. And the third “Del confineo III” on the Stroink account. They sent their videos by WhatsApp to friends and relatives but messages of support began to arrive from all sides. They were encouraged and opened several accounts with the name of the group on various social networks.

Their songs, mixing different languages ​​such as Spanish, Catalan, English and Portuguese, and recorded on the terrace of their apartment with the materials they had on hand at the time, remind us with humor that we had to stay at home and wash our hands. hands.

With these songs, Stay Homas joined initiatives of other groups that shared their music on networks. And it didn’t take long for them to invite other musicians to make cameos via mobile. Thus, artists and groups such as Pablo Alborán, Judit Neddermann, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Macaco, Nil Moliner, Manu Chao, Oques Grasses, Mr. Wilson, etc. have participated in the performances on its terrace. And, in no time, his Instagram account reached 200,000 followers. Surpassing even the accounts of their respective official groups.

The music of the Stay Homas has crossed borders, attracting the attention of international media such as The New Yorker magazine, the CNN television channel or the American radio station NPR. Some of his songs have even started to be covered throughout the world. An example: Michael Bublé saw one of his videos and ended up covering his song “Gotta be patient” accompanied by the band Barnaked Ladies and the Mexican singer Sofía Reyes.

Stay homas

Stay Homas in concert

The members of Stay Homas publicly announced on Instagram, in a live broadcast, their first concert at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona for July 31. Tickets were sold out in ten minutes, leaving many fans without a chance to see them live.

For this reason, despite the fact that the three have repeatedly expressed that their priority is to focus on the bands to which they belong, they have already worked to organize a tour that will visit the main Spanish capitals and some Latin American cities. And, so that you don’t miss them, you can buy your tickets online on the Proactiv website.

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Stay Homas International Tour

Finally, with the organization of Proactiv, the revelation group of confinement, it presents an international tour that will visit the main Spanish cities to also visit some European and Latin American capitals.

Stay Homas International Tour will take place between April 3 and June 17, 2021. And it will take you to the stages of the main cities of the Spanish territory, those of major European capitals such as London, Paris, Brussels or Milan and those of other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico.

If you do not want to miss this opportunity to see the viral group of the confinement and enjoy their creativity and ingenuity, run to buy your tickets online at the Proactiv website.

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