Stay homas

The Spanish musical trio known as Stay Homas, composed of Klaus Stroink, 25, Guillem Boltó (26) and Rai Benet (29) emerged during the period of confinement caused by Covid-19.

These three friends and companions in an attic located in the Esquerra de l’Eixample (Barcelona), decided to take out their guitars and in less than 10 minutes they improvised a song in Portuguese.

Stay homas

How did they become known?

Thanks to this first song composed by the three Catalans, the group Stay triumphed among friends and family. To make themselves known, they recorded themselves with their cell phones and the group member named Rai Benet uploaded the video to the social network Instagram, titled Coronão. 

Over a bossa nova rhythm, mentions of the coronavirus and quarantine (“Estou do confinamento, Mais eu não quero do lamento”), together with verses from songs by Chenoa or Raphael triumphed in the social networks.

The second song of Stay: A complete success

Seeing the success of the first song, the group Stay Homas decided to compose another song, called Stay Homas.  This time in English and with a reggae rhythm: “Please stay at home – We don’t want the crown”, read the first verses of the song in its Spanish translation. 

This time, it was published by another member of Stay, Guillem Boltó. He posted it on his Instagram profile. Thanks to this second song, professionals like Michael Bublé became interested in the group and they were called by several record labels. 

They were also offered collaborations with artists such as Manu Chao or Pablo Alborán.

Latest news about the Stay Homas Concert

The group Stay Homas has announced the sold outs and new tickets on sale for their 2021 tour. Find the shows on sale at Proactiv.

  • Mallorca, Valencia and Barcelona sold out
  • Barcelona new concert on May 30th
  • Madrid last tickets on sale
  • Latin America new tickets in March

The national and international tour of Stay Homas in 2021 had to be restructured to comply with capacity and distance restrictions and, after the period of changes and refunds, today we announce that the cities of Mallorca, Valencia (two passes) and the two dates in Barcelona (two passes each day) are sold out. 

Due to the great demand in Barcelona today we announce a third date at the Coliseum Barcelona for May 30 which will also have two shows at 18:00h and 21:00h with tickets already on sale.

The international tour in Latin America was also affected. New tickets for the concerts in these countries will go on sale next March. The dates in Europe will keep the original venues.

Stay homas

Soñadora e idealista pero con los pies en el suelo y con una visión muy clara de la realidad. Quizás sea toda una paradoja en sí misma que traduce en una insana curiosidad por todo lo que la rodea.