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A lot has already happened since the last WWE in Spain event , and fans are already looking forward to more. But we still have to wait a bit for WWE 2020, the next live pressing catch show that Proactiv plans to bring to our country. Surely you already know that you only have one chance to see your favorite stars. The appointment will be on May 15 at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid and if you do not want to run out, you better run to buy your WWE tickets on the Proactiv website before they are sold out.

WWE 2020 is going to be a unique show for various reasons. The first and most obvious because it will be the only event that will take place in our country. But this pressing catch show in Madrid is special for another reason. Because it will feature the best RAW superstars about the ring.

wwe 2020

WWE 2020, who will we see?

Of course it is still early to ensure who we can see in this new edition of WWE in Spain. Until the last moment the poster is not confirmed. You know, there may be injuries and other unforeseen last minute that cause an announced star to fall off the sign. But, for now, we can announce the superstars that are announced for this WWE 2020:

Seth Rollins

The four-time WWE World Champion Seth Rollins and current Captain of Team Raw is one of the most popular stars of the RAW. Especially since his great victory in the Money in the Bank of 2014. The debacle of the Survivor Series last month may have taken its toll, but there is still a long way to go.

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Becky Lynch

The Irish Becky Lynch will arrive at WWE Spain after a brilliant 2019. After being the female champion of SmackDown three years in a row, her move to RAW was marked by a transition to a more aggressive character. He called himself “The Man” and won the Women’s Raw Championship and SmackDown in a Winner Takes All against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, being the first and only woman to get the double.


Ricochet debuted in February at the RAW in a tag-team match next to Finn Balor against Bobby Lashley accompanied by Lio Rush, emerging victorious after the count of 3. He has had a rather inconstant and variable year, including a brief 21-day reign as champion of the United States after beating Samoa Joe in WWE Stomping Grounds.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair, daughter of also fighter Eric Flair, is a living record. She is four times RAW Women’s Champion, five times SmackDown Women’s Champion (in which she has had the longest reign in history). She was NXT Women’s Champion and was the last Divas Champion.

But these are not the only superstars we expect in WWE 2020 Spain. Bobby Lashley, Aleister Black, The OC and many more are also expected.

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