Having the most appropriate boathouse is unavoidable to navigate.

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Sailing becomes a passion for many people once they have the opportunity to discover this pleasure. This can happen at any stage of life, and having the most appropriate boathouse will be inescapable for those who like to navigate. If you have a sailboat you should already know it, and if you are thinking of having it, you will end up checking it out.

The appropriate boathouse must have modern facilities perfectly equipped for all repair and commissioning work. From the simplest interventions in carpentry and joinery, to the most complex treatments, it must be faced by a boathouse.

A boathouse in Barcelona that stands out for being one of the most modern on the Mediterranean coast is V de Bravado. They have a large technical area of 12,500 square meters equipped with advanced security measures, in the marina of Premià de Mar. V de Bravado is the boathouse for sea enthusiasts, and your sailboat could not be in better hands when you need it .

Nautical coding is essential to navigate safely

From the boathouse to the sea: taking care of the candles

When the sails are hoisted, it will be preferable not to use the engine, as it will also be necessary to avoid flaming with the breeze. The latter could cause the candles to crack and have to be repaired. The shelf should also not be stretched too much to prevent various breaks, and if the candles have vertical wrinkles it is a sign of excessive tension. Moving the bidding enough will be enough to smooth out the sails and eliminate risks. It will also be necessary to take precautions with the pets when turning so that they do not lock and hinder the maneuvers.

The care of sails on a sailboat is one of the most important tasks if we want to reach the destination without unpleasant unforeseen events. Depending on the sails used, this will be the maneuvers you perform during navigation. Other factors such as wind speed and direction can also determine the change of sails.

As vertical elements that are, the arboladura that of the sailboat is more susceptible to the continuous degradation by the sea and the meteorology. The repair or restoration of boat arboring, as well as rigging, is another of the services offered by Bravado. Because a sailboat must always be ready to navigate and have all the necessary nautical equipment.

The wooden deck of the sailboat and its care

There are several types of wood that can make up the roofs, Teak being the most recommended. The reason is its resistance to impact, flexion and climate variability. It also does not crack or rot and has an optimum density, thus being ideal for the construction of roofs.

As far as cleaning is concerned, to clean the cover, wood protective cleaners such as Nanoprotec or similar can be used. It must be done following the instructions, eliminating possible traces of paint, varnish or dirt.

The cleaner is applied with a nylon roller or brush, undiluted, and it must be allowed to act for about two hours. After the recommended time, wash with plenty of cold water at moderate pressure and let dry for 24 hours.

Wood protectors provide impermeability and prevent dirt from embedding on deck, lasting its effect for about a year. Meanwhile, enjoy the bright and clean deck of our sailboat, which will transport us beyond the noiseless worldly.

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