If you are thinking about traveling to Sicily, the first thing you should consider is that although it is an island, the truth is that there is much to see. Sicily is the island of the Baroque, the Greek temples, the Roman villas, Norman cathedrals of the sailors peoples, the rich Mediterranean cuisine, the intricate geography.

There is much to see and much to visit. So if you’re traveling to Sicily, we recommend the essential places, at least, should not miss.



Palermo is possibly the most important city of the island. Norman empire old jewel, you can not miss the twelfth century Palatine Chapel located within the magnificent Palazzo dei Normandi, nor the bustling market of Ballarò, the closest thing to an Arab souk you’ll find in Europe.


Eight kilometers from Palermo’ll find this amazing Arab-Norman cathedral, the finest example of Norman architecture on the island. Normally usually it crowded with cruise passengers, but well worth it despite the hubbub.



The best time to visit this spectacular Doric site is first thing in the morning or late afternoon. And here it makes a blazing sun. His temple is really admirable 36 columns dating back to the V century B.C. with the entablature and the full pediment, as well as the theater of the third century B.C., excavated in the natural rock.


In this beautiful coastal city, a superb mixture of Romanesque, Baroque, Arab influences, Normans and Spaniards are mixed on the facades of churches, buildings and pediments every corner of the historic center. It is a place to stroll.



This charming villa perched hanging at Monte San Giuliano brings many Sicilians features, like a Norman layout and the Arab organization of housing around the courtyard. You can lose its cobbled streets and steep and if the sky is clear you’ll get to see the coast of Tunisia and Etna.


One of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. The seventh century B.C. They are the Eastern Temples, the Acropolis, the Old City and the shrine of Malophoros, raised by the sea, forming a single stamp.


The small town of Corleone is olbigada for fans of movies and novels about the Mafia and especially about Don Vito. The village itself has no historical heritage more than a couple of churches, but this capo dei capi cradle of real and fictional preserves the atmosphere of inner Sicily, rural and authentic.



It’s not possible traveling to Sicily without visiting this volcano, still active, which they say can be seen from the moon. Since it is not within everyone’s reach into orbit to check, you can head out to the crater by cable car. It is also possible to go around the entire perimeter on board the train Ferrovia Circumetnea.


They say it was the most beautiful city in the ancient world and paraded through the streets Plato, Archimedes or Aeschylus. Today it has the only classical Greek drama school outside Athens (big productions premiered in May and June). You can not miss the neighborhood of Ortigia and the Archaeological Park of Neapolis.