For the first time in Spain, Harry Potter fans will have the unique opportunity to relive the most incredible story of friendship, magic and adventure, with Harry Potter in Concert. A show where you can share the adventures of Harry and his friends in an unprecedented way: the complete film on screen while a symphony orchestra plays John Williams’ Oscar-nominated soundtrack.

Harry Potter in Concert will take place in a single session in Madrid. It will be the 3rd of January next year at the Barclaycard Center. See booking the date! It will be a really unique show.


The magic of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone returns to our lives next year in the hands of the Classical Orchestra Santa Cecilia, responsible for playing the great soundtrack composed by John Williams for the first movie of the world’s most famous magician.

The Barclaycard Center will be in charge of hosting this premiere, on January 3. A concert in which fans will also be able to relive the first story of J.K. Rowling on the big screen. The most magical movie of all time like you’ve never seen it before. A symphony orchestra that will interpret the unforgettable soundtrack and the complete film in giant screen.
Thanks to Proactiv, CineConcerts and Warner Bros. Consumer Products we will have in Spain the Harry Potter Concert event, an unparalleled show that will fill Barclaycard Center magic in Madrid on January 3, 2017. The concert is part of a world tour for pay homage to this great saga.



All the fans of the saga will be able to return to see the first film of the young magician where you will return to relive the first meetings and adventures with a special touch, because the Orchestra Classic Santa Cecilia will touch live all the musical pieces of the tape.

The news about this adaptation of the famous film came out last February and then, producer and president of CineConcerts, Justin Freer, said that the dialogues and background sounds of the film will remain. Only the pieces that will be played live are deleted.
Freer also remarked that they are delighted to be able to perform this event as «Harry Potter is synonymous with excitement around the world,» and hope that live music will help the public to return to this magical world.




As part of The Harry Potter Film Concert Series, Harry Potter in Concert will reach a large number of cities around the world throughout this year and next year.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to enjoy Harry Potter in Concert this coming January 3 in Madrid at the Barclaycard Center and get your tickets for the show on the Proactiv website from € 20. The event of the year for Harry Potter fans is waiting for you!



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