Give me a box of sausages and make me happy

Make a personalized gift, especially, that they open and check to tears of emotion you’ve known so well that is what they wanted, or better yet what they needed and were crying, let’s face it, that’s practically impossible.

Peo hey! Do not despair, there is always key gifts with which acertarás at least for a good bellyful stick together. Why who does not like to eat? To me yes, of course! And there is no better personalized gift that my mother made me when I was studying away from home, those boxes full of sausages and homemade preserves OMG what times!


And it is that as the lion chorizo, fuet, Catalan or secallona there is nothing better. For my mother, not anything else, but to feed always he told me daughter spent on the good! I only obeyed. Today, I continue obeying, well I know my friends.

Now I have discovered that you can give personalized high quality delicatessen boxes how wonderful! When you do not know to wear a dinner you end always carrying wine, yes, we like to drink, but what about the starters, sausages? Moreover, that the gift arrives before the guest is a hoot do not you think?


In my view Original Taste has hit the nail proposing craftswomen experiences according to our tastes, as well as boxes of sausages that we offer them as standard, give us the opportunity to create them to our liking. And the variety of products is bestial, but that’s not all, also when you make a purchase you have the possibility of making a donation to EDUCO what is this? EDUCO is a company that finances the resources to guarantee a scholarship dining to children whose families have been unable to access these restrictions by the government.

A you and me and nobody else, a soiree or something piquemos are just some of the packs that ofrecn us from your eCommerce, casts an eye and discovers all the others I’m making up events to test all!

Residente en Barcelona y venezolana de corazón, Andrea es una cosmopolita con el mundo por nación que piensa en grande y se deja llevar por los sueños. Viajera curiosa, su mirada no descansa nunca y sus ansias de saber tampoco.