Mad Love is a graphic novel in one book written by Paul Dini (writer of Batman: The Animated  Series and Batman Beyond ) and drawn by Bruce Timm (executive producer of The New Batman Adventures and co-creator of Batman: The Animated  Series). Mad Love focuses on the character of Harley Quinn and is in the continuity of Batman: The Animated  Series.

The work of Dini and Timm won an Eisner Award in 1994. Later in 1999, it would be adapted to television (with minor changes) as an episode of The New Batman Adventures, also called Mad Love. The screenplay was written by the same Paul Dini and  episode was directed by Butch Lukic.



The Mad Love story focuses on the companion of The Joker, Harley Quinn and explains its origins as a villain. A villainous mystifying much or more than the Joker, but with a capacity to love that overcomes any barrier, including insanity.

She was a psychiatrist called Harleen Quinzel, the race took very good note, though his way to winning the title was not very clean. His first choice to start your career is apply for a position in Arkham Asylum. The place to go all those who have lost their minds, or who have never had in place, murderers, psychopaths and criminals without remedy. Among them we find Joker.

Both characters seem to feel a mutual attraction from the first moment. Harley Quinn is noted that feels a kind of admiration for Joker. Finally you get to have a session with him where discover his family’s past, an unhappy past, or that explains it. At that meeting mentions Batman Joker and Harley’s curiosity is triggered.





And when the Joker falls, making the decision to become a criminal to win her love. At this point, the greatest enemy of the cake becomes your biggest enemy. His transformation from Harleen Quinzel Harley Quinn occurs when, after the leak Joker, Batman brings you back a bit battered. It will acquire his disguise (his way) and release your love of Arkham.

When Batman spoil another of his plans to kill him, The Joker Harley Quinn gets mad and throws. So she decides that the only way to get the Joker’s love is eliminating Batman. He tries hanging him on a tank full of piranhas.

When he almost does, Batman reveals that the stories that Joker had told him about his childhood was a lie. In addition, it manipulates to call the Joker. When he arrives, he scolds her for having tried to kill herself Batman. Harley Quinn explains his plan, but the Joker gives a rage and throws it out the window. Meanwhile, Batman fight with the Joker and said: «… I admit that she was closer [to kill] than you could ever … ‘cake’.» Batman Joker is enraged and fail to defeat him.


mad love

  Back in Arkham, Harley Quinn thinks Joker  has used her and reject him until she finds a vase of flowers beside her bed in them and a card that says, «Fell better soon-J.». Given this, Harley again falls madly in love.
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