Any fan of comics or manga sounds the name of Panini Comics. At the very least we know that they are our loyal suppliers of Marvel comics and some of our favorite manga series. And that something has to do with selling cards. But behind Panini Comics is a long story. Let’s see.



The story of Panini Comics begins in Modena in the postwar period, in 1945. With four brothers: Benito, Giusseppe, Umberto and Franco Panini, who decide to take their first step in the business world by opening a kiosk near the cathedral of his city.

The kiosk was blunt, and in 1954, Giuseppe decided to found a newspaper distribution company. A restless man with a vision of the future, in 1961, together with his brother Benito, he founded the Panini company dedicated to the collections of cards. And they debuted with their first collection on the Italian football championship. Later, in 1963, the other two brothers, Umberto and Franco, joined the company.

To create his empire of cards, the four brothers distribute the papers: Giuseppe would be the general manager. Franco the administrative, Benito would take care of the administration and Umberto of the industrial part. And it is in this last aspect where most stood out.

Umberto Panini’s experience as a technician at the Maserati company led him to come up with the Fifimatic system, an automatic envelope machine that collects the cards, envelopes and then inserts the envelopes into a box. To this day it is still the biggest contribution of Panini to the industry of the chrome.




In 1988, with an annual turnover of 60 million dollars, the brothers decided to sell the company to the Maxwell Group, which made a series of changes and put the address in foreign hands. After years of financial instability, in 1992 it was bought by Bain Gallo Cuneo and De Agostini. In only two years of prudent management, the old splendor was returned to the company. And Panini was acquired by Marvel Entertainment Group, which maintained the same management team headed by A.H. Sallustro.

In 1999 the company returned to Italian hands and was acquired by Fineldo Spa, the Sociedad Financiera de Vittorio Merloni, together with the management team of the Modena company, under the guidance of Aldo Hugo Sallustro, who held an important part Of the share capital.


Panini Comics


In 1986 the subsidiary Panini España was created and its general manager since Lluís Torrent (one of the former distributors of the company’s cards through Cromo-Crom since 1979).

Panini Comics was born in 2004, when José Luis Córdoba was hired to take charge of its management, and began publishing in Spain the titles of Marvel Comics in January 2005. During these years new licenses have been incorporated with other publishers International, and the creation of comics by Spanish authors has been promoted, surpassing at present the 2,800 published titles.

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