Have you heard of Original Taste, that fantastic delicatessen store online? Here you can find true artisan delights, village sausages, as before, salami, chorizo cular, secallona, corned lion, ham, cheese … Mmmmm, they’re all a delight!

Original Taste has very interesting proposals for your meals this summer. Ideas for a picnic, original breakfast, meetings with different friends, fun snacks. Artisans sausages can be an unexpected idea.

Well, today we bring a few tips on how to feed in summer without dying in the attempt. Heat our eating habits change a little. We prefer more excitment meals and should consume more fluids, fruits and vegetables.


Eating in summer should not assume keep good manners and healthy habits, but must acquire a routine that promotes a healthy orderly and complete diet. at least four meals a day and must be made not snack between meals will promote weight maintenance and avoid gaining those extra kilos that are then difficult to lose.

In a summer diet it is important to eat the nutrients in a balanced way and not forget any of the groups of the food pyramid, like fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but they must change their proportions. Fats are less necessary and should be reduced, so it is forced to do without and fried fatty foods that can make heavier digestion and provide unnecessary extra calories. Instead you can opt for vegetables, in salads and cold soups, which are made fresh and raw. These dishes down the body temperature.


Potato Salad with boiled egg,spices

Fats hide their face best summer in industrial ice cream and need to be aware of labels and reject those with excess fat and only consume more fruit composition, taking into account whenever a very caloric food. Therefore, it should be sparing with ice cream and sorbets ways prefer fruit or yoghurt and always discounting their calories from total daily intake. Fried fish are also traditional beach bar and snack foods, but are too caloric and should not be taken out of habit.

Also, eat in summer requires a form of simple cooking with lean meats and low-fat grilled fish, baked in foil or grilled. Food cooked in this way just need oil and keep all their nutritional properties. Marinades are also very refreshing cold dishes and very well preserved despite the heat.


They should not miss the fruit but should take no added sugar and as part of a complete diet, not as extravagant and exclusive diets. A diet fruit alone is not recommended, among other reasons, because of its high sugar content.

During the summer the best drink is water. Should forget excess soft drinks and beer and other alcohols, such as bloodletting, and, instead, consume two liters of water a day. A dash of lemon juice in the water can make it more appealing to children and adults. Do not forget to drink throughout the day in small sips and not just meals. Optimal hydration is the basis of a good summer diet.


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