How to read a manga

What where the sleeve comes? Well, Japan! But that does not help us to understand the enormous growth of this type of «comics» in the rest of the world. But for that we will go back to its creation, we shall not quiet a lot! 😉

Two Japanese customs are those which gave rise to the precursor edition of the manga; Japanese graphic tradition and the great work of Osamu Tezuka, who is considered the Father of Manga par excellence. All this together with the development of formats tankoubon are responsible for having launched the manga to infinity and beyond, becoming a great cultural movement internationally.

There, no more full story I promise!

Anyone who starts in this chaotic genre has probably spent more time than would have wanted on one page but … WHY? Before enjoying a manga from the beginning to the end you must know how to read. And the start is the reverse, and as shown in the image; the reading order is a little different to what we are generally used, hence it from «chaotic».

Remember: from top to bottom and from right to left, with this We can start now!

Although to buy manga and right first change, you must first know the types of manga comics out there, here they are the best known:

sailor moon

Shojo Manga: Aimed basically teenagers. In this genre love and friendships are the main frames, which revolve around a group of school girls looking to solve their problems with the kids or even super heroines with super powers as Salior Moon.

death note

Seinen Manga: For older ones as this type of sleeves can resemble typical erotic comics, but not always deal with that topic. Ranging from violence more beast than you can imagine until, as we said before, ecchi or hentai. Typical seinen are Death Note, Elfen Lied, etc.

dragon ball

Shonen Manga: category par excellence, which have left big names that will last a lifetime as Dragon Ball, Naruto or Digimon. It is aimed at a teenage audience with characters whose life is anything but a bed of roses, but quite the opposite and that during the plot learn to bounce back from the battles that imposes life.

Also noteworthy was the genre Kodomo, whose translation to Castilian is a child, so the public of this type is 6 to 11 years, infant. Within this we can find the Cosmic Cat SUPER! Did you not tell Doraemon not know?

comprar manga

And finally, before leaving me shop for your favorite comics to present you with your first manga I can not forget Josei manga. Like the shojo is aimed more at women than men as their protagonists, the vast majority are women. It differs from this by being realistic and a more restricted version, which focuses on the romance of adult women such as Nodame Contabile and Nana.

comprar manga

As you can see buy manga is not a simple task, you need to gather all the information we can to previously know what the manga genres that most resemble our tastes are.

Buy online comics or physical store? It is a question that depends on the tastes of each, because today the e-commerce have nothing to envy comic shops, well … yes! hahahaha we can not fiddling Except that, with a good a priori study of the types of sleeves and pontete wifi signal to have all open tabs we want we’re ready to buy manga!

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