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When we talk about Marvel us come to mind lots are superheroes we’ve been seeing both the big screen and the small screen since we were very small, but is that these superheroes who so admire never go out of style, Marvel is present, there are always exhibitions of cartoonists, current comics and some other Marvel event…

If you do not know the early days of the Marvel Universe all started under the name Timely, it was not until the early 60s, when he was named Marvel, in these early days the editor and writer Stan Lee with his two cartoonists stars Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko began to create a series of titles which were developing the characters and intertwining stories to each other, and it was here gave way to the group best known for all superhero and most feared by villains … the Avengers, and thus began the career of this wonderful and magical universe, we all know. Curious right?

But what we want to talk about is the Marvel Universe Live event that first comes to Spain, a show full of real action, the Marvel event is considered for all audiences.


This time superheroes: Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, the fearsome and giant Hulk, the mighty God of Thunder Thor, Black Widow and many more, we transported in an epic event and will have to save the universe of one of the most feared and evil enemies Loki and a lot of truly sinister villains.

Marvel Universe Live event takes place at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on 18 and 20 November 2016, buy your tickets in, and there are discounts for groups.

Marvel fans … this is your event.


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