When you enter a manga store, what do you look for when you read a manga? Perhaps the most important thing for you is the story and do not care too much about drawing. Or perhaps you are the ones who value the drawing, the shape of the vignettes, the lines. Or maybe you care more about the characters, who are well characterized, have strength. Or maybe you’re an otaku of genres, maybe yours is just the shonen, or maybe you hate him to death. For all those options you will find them in Norma Comics, your manga store.

Of course, did you think that Norma Comics could not be your manga store? Well, you were wrong. Well, it’s not called Norma Manga, it’s not dedicated exclusively to manga, but if you have everything you go to look for manga. Norma Comics is a store where we can find anything related to the world of comics. Be it American, European or Japanese. Anything. So if you’re a real otaku, Norma Comics is your manga store.




It is the best manga store for various reasons. The first, because it has a vast catalog with which it is impossible to miss any number of any collection. And they bring material from all the publishers that publish manga in our country. From major publishers such as Norma Editorial, Planeta Comic, Ivrea, Milky Way, ECC Ediciones or Panini Comics, to issues with smaller catalogs such as Diabolo Ediciones, Autsaider Comics, Lu editions, or Ediciones Ponent. Surely if you are looking for the strangest manga you can think of, here you will find it.

Such a comprehensive catalog, what does it mean? You can find all the authors you want. From the most famous ones like Akira Toriyama, Jiro Taniguchi, Hiro Mashima, Junji Ito, Takeshi Obata or Katsuhiro Otomo, to lesser known authors like Azra, Bisco Hatori, ChiNoMiko, Dee Juusan, Hee-Joon Son or Jun Abe. And there are many more!




Of course, all this means that in Norma Comics you can find all the titles that you can think of. Starting with the most famous and followed series as One Punch Man, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Pokémon, Naruto, Ataque a los Titanes, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Buenas Noches PunPun or Aoha Ride.

But do not forget that you will also find less known sleeves, even some very little known. As Portus, Sprite, 1 or W, Amor Programable, Hapiness, Capuccino, Kamiyadori, Bárbara, Malicious Code, Cat Street o Dimension W.

manga store


Because as we all know, the good otaku does not live only manga and anime. You also need your regular doses of good merchandising. And here you will also find the best figures of your favorite series: Dragon Ball, One Piece, Sakura, Naruto


If you want, you can still think that Norma Comics is a simple shop where to buy superhero comics and some European comics. But you’re wrong, and you know it! Because it’s a real manga shop. Just have a look at their incredible website and you will be convinced. They have so many interesting things to buy …

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