We have always seen caviar as an exquisite delicacy only within reach of few pockets and for the most exquisite palates. But the reality is very different since there are caviar at really affordable prices and its flavor and texture are easily combinable with an infinity of delicious recipes. In addition, it is that the consumption of the caviar is very beneficial and it brings many advantages. From Mundisa Directo we are going to show you the properties of caviar.



Caviar is a food rich in vitamin E as 100 g. Of this food contains 5.80 mg. Of vitamin E. This food also has a high amount of vitamin B12. The amount of vitamin B12 it has is 20 ug per 100 g. With an amount of 3.50 ug per 100 grams, caviar is also also one of the foods with more vitamin B5.

This food is very high in nutrients. In addition to those mentioned above, caviar is also a food rich in vitamin B2 (0.62 mg per 100 g) and vitamin A (561 g per 100 g) and sodium (1500 mg per 100 g. ) And magnesium (300 mg per 100 g) and calcium (275 mg per 100 g), proteins (26.10 g per 100 g) and iron (11.80 mg per 100 g).

Among the nutritional properties of caviar it is also worth noting that it has the following nutrients: 0 g. Of fiber, 181 mg. Of potassium, 0 mg. Of iodine, 0.95 mg. Of zinc, 1.90 g. Of carbohydrate, 0.19 mg. Of vitamin B1, 5.69 mg. Of vitamin B3, 0.32 mg. Of vitamin B6, 0æg. Of vitamin B7, 30æg. Of vitamin B9, 0 mg. Of vitamin C, 5.90æg. Of vitamin D, 0.70æg. Of vitamin K, 300 mg. Of phosphorus, 252 kcal. Of calories, 300 mg. Of cholesterol, 15.50 g. Fat, 1.90 g. Of sugar and 144 mg. Of purines.




Given its high protein content, caviar is a food specially recommended for muscle development. It is therefore especially indicated during childhood, adolescence and pregnancy since in these stages, it is necessary a greater contribution of this nutrient.

As it has a high amount of calcium, it is ideal for bones and its consumption during pregnancy is highly recommended since in these stages our body consumes it to a greater extent.

Its high iron content causes caviar to help prevent iron deficiency anemia or iron deficiency anemia. In addition, due to the amount of iron that this food provides, it is recommended for people who play intense sports as these have a great wear.

By having lots of vitamin A or niacin, caviar prevents eye diseases, strengthens the immune system and has anti-cancer properties. It also favors the good condition of the skin and mucous membranes.

By its B2 content, it can help overcome migraines and is beneficial for maintaining good eye and skin health. Foods rich in vitamin B2 or riboflavin like this food, are also useful for improving nervous problems like insomnia, anxiety or stress.

Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, found abundantly in caviar, makes this food useful for fighting stress and migraines. Its B5 content also makes this a recommended food to reduce excess cholesterol.

Pregnant women or breastfed babies can benefit from the beneficial effects of this food because caviar has a high amount of vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin.

Caviar, because of its high amount of vitamin E, is a beneficial food for our circulatory system. This food also has antioxidant properties, is beneficial to the eye and can help in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease.



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