Reasons to make car routes

To see the world there are many ways to travel but probably one of the best, is by car routes. For many people, the concept of vacation or a simple trip vanishes if there is no aircraft involved. Some will also remind us of the recommendations to use public transport. But we cannot help thinking that on car routes, traveling in your own vehicle, without relying on anyone, deciding where to stop, carrying luggage you want and enjoying the freedom to enjoy every new corner discovered, it is in itself a pleasure.

In this article we will see the advantages of living the pleasure of car routes:

Freedom to choose the route

This is probably the main benefit of the routes by car. You yourself are the one who decides where you go and where you’re going. You decide the destination and the road. Freedom is the main advantage because we have the opportunity to travel to our pace, making the stops we deem appropriate and when deem appropriate.

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Also, go with your own vehicle gives you the opportunity to get to places where for economic reasons is not profitable arriving for transport companies or tour companies.

And not only that, if one day we want to stay up later at the hotel, or early departure, the car will not be a problem, while public transport will tie us to a pre-established plan that while we can change prove us more complex. In fact, making car routes has the great advantage of the ability to improvise. The car is a transport that plays to spontaneity. Nothing is written and if your preferences change over the route, you can also change the trip without any problems. Only you decide which direction to take.

On the other hand, also you avoid cumbersome exchanges and transfers, so you save time, so that, if you want, this form of transport faster.

Adaptation to unexpected

Any trip can be affected by unforeseen events that we never expected: problems with hotel bookings, lost luggage, bad weather, etc. Not having to be aware of flight schedules or bus or train departures is a great relief.

It may be more profitable

Always depend on the route that you drive, the kilometers and the number of people who go into the vehicle. But often, if three or more people are traveling the path cost to you can be very profitable compared to what it would cost you traveling by public transport.

You can carry the luggage you want

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Exactly, the only limit is the space your vehicle allows, but you can take everything you want without having to pay fees to bring more than one suitcase. And, besides, you will not have to queue to check it or to pick it up!

You are not dependent delays or cancellations anymore

We cannot control bus delays or cancellations of flights, or the little time they give us to transfer between flights. However, our car is always there, waiting for us to go up us and take us to where we want. We mark the rhythm and if we delay, it will be because we have wished.

Riding comfort

With your car you decide your own schedule, not only when parties and when you arrive at your destination. You also decide when you want to eat, you decide it all. Also, whenever you want you can stop to rest and stretch your legs.

On the other hand, feeding options can be rather better than, for example, on an airplane.

We must also evaluate companies. In your own vehicle, unless you want them, you will not travel with strangers. There will be no annoying strangers around you, you can travel with your family, with your friends, even your pets.

Bureaucratic amenities

In your vehicle you do not have to go through rollbars or metal detectors, and you don´t have to show documentation or spend only hand luggage apparently avoiding a terrorist.

Meet fellow travelers

It is true that once you reached your destination you can meet many interesting people, but if you really like to travel by road you will meet more like-minded people to your philosophy of life.

The journey becomes an essential part of the journey

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You can go on vacation to Belgium by plane to Brussels and hardly begin your holiday until you’ve reached the hotel. You can go on a by car to Brussels route and your adventure begins when you close the front door.

And when you arrive at your destination you have a car

It is when we realize how useful it will be if we want to experience the area or surroundings and we can visit by our taste all the places of interest that attract us.

It is evident that each transport has its advantages and disadvantages but we can say that car routes offer a quality experience much more real and enriching than other media such as air or sea travel. The real adventure is not the destination but the way!

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