The most romantic route around Germany is one of the most popular and charming you can do in your car. It is a route through the most beautiful cities in Bavaria from north to south. Small medieval town surrounded by imposing walls, overflowing with historic centers of wood-framed houses and castles dream occur from Wurzburg to Fussen creating a splendid symphony of art and history. Throw in a landscape dotted with rivers and green valleys and the result is magnificent scenery.


The most beautiful romantic route around Germany is a six-day trip that begins in the elegant university town of Würzburg. Be surprised by the wonderful tour that you are going to present:

As I mentioned, we started this romantic route around Germany in the city of Wurzburg, next to the Main river. Surrounded by vineyards in the wine region of Franconia, he has numerous architectural treasures such as the residence of the Prince Bishop, the Marienberg or Käppele strength. From the Old Bridge, built with impressive stone blocks on the Main river, you can enjoy the best views over the city. In this magical city we will spend two days.



The third day will be devoted to the cities of Weikersheim, Rothenburg ob Creglingen and Tauber. Villas noted for its medieval walls and its great Marktplatz (market squares), ancient places in the local market was held and remain their main meeting point and hub. We can admire the beautiful city councils of Gothic and Renaissance style and beautiful mansions adorned with classic wooden framework. Overnight in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

The fourth day we shall Schilllingsfürst, Dinkelsbühl, Wallerstein, Nördlingen, Harburg, Rain and Augsburg, city of numerous legends connected with its castles and churches. Mayors drank to save his people, monks buried treasures and grateful citizens who have escaped the plague. Cities that will delight you with its monuments and several interesting museums where you can dive deeper into the history of Bavaria.



The penultimate day plus flirts with stunning medieval towns helmets, we see natural places of great beauty that is a delight hiking or cycling. You can see several temples situated idyllically on small hills that invite reverie. Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque adorn its walls and interiors. The journey continues amb Landsberg Lech, Hohenfurch, Schongau, Peiting, Wildsteig and Fussen. In the environment of the Bavarian Alps Wies Church, a masterpiece of Bavarian rococo included in the World Heritage list of Unesco is.

And the last day, as a finishing touch to this Romantic Road Germany we suggest a visit to the castles that designed and built by the King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the Alps, popularly known as the King Loco: the mythical palace Neuschwanstein, inspiration Walt Disney; the place of Hohenschwangau at the foot of the Bavarian Alps; and not less spectacular rococo Linderhof Palace.


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