Travel to Madagascar: Antananarivo

Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, is a city that at first glance looks like all big cities in the world. However, behind this agitation a real and attractive facet that is found along hides beautiful excursions.

The capital of Madagascar and its high city

viaje-a-madagascar---antananarivoThe visit of the city of Antananarivo and its surroundings will be an opportunity to better understand the history of the country and its inhabitants. The travel to Madagascar with begin by the visit of the upper town, subject to registration Unesco heritage, overcome by the palace Manjakamiadana or more intimately the palace of the Queen. Many buildings are built there, counting the succession of sovereigns to the throne of Imerina and Madagascar. Many monuments found in the vicinity of the palace also track the rich and tumultuous past. After the city Alta, its palaces and elegant red brick houses, the tour will continue to market Analakely.

The camp at the gates of the city

In Antananarivo, the city is never far from the field. This proximity shapes the landscape and give the capital a peculiar physiognomy. This feature will suffer all the time will the trip to Madagascar. Heading west of Antananarivo, a visit to the Lemur’s Park, a small botanical park where you can you admire nine species of lemurs moving between 6,000 trees planted there. Katsaoka to follow the river downstream of the park, experienced birders can see several species of birds such as the gray heron. Forest Ambatomirahavavy take a breath of fresh air hikers, which also cross small charming villages and beautiful rice terraces.

From Antongona to Ampefy, places of legends

Antananarivo is a city of history. Antongona is one of their testimony. This site located on the top two domes over 1400 meters served before lookout kingdom Merina soldiers to prevent the Sakalava invasions. To end this trip to Antananarivo, we will Ampefy in the volcanic region of Itasy. The huge eponymous lake is an invitation to tranquility and relaxation, a gem of greenery. And according to legend, the island of the Virgin which is at the heart of this lake would be the center of Madagascar. So many reasons to visit this region of the undisputed rustic charms.



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